How do I unlock the 'Scenes' in Star Wars Tiny Death Star?

How do I unlock the 'Scenes' in Star Wars Tiny Death Star?

You can unlock the "Scenes" in Star Wars Tiny Death Star by delivering the bitizens marked with a question mark to correct level on your tower. For example, delivering Boba Fett or Han Solo to the Cloud City Spa will unlock the scene for that level. You can also see a list of the locked scenes or watch the scenes you've already unlocked by navigating to > Menu > Album > Scenes. Here's a list of all the scenes and how to unlock some of them. Please help us fill in the ones we missed in the comments section below.

I added a * next the levels I personally verified.

- Bounty Hunter: (any bounty hunter) *
- Blast Doors: Obi Wan Kenobi
- The Cantina: Hon, Greedo *
- Cloud City Spa: Boba Fett or Han Solo *
- Comunications: Luke or Leia
- Dagobah Apts: Yoda
- Detention Level: Luke, Hon?, Chewie?
- Droid Lab: Leia
- Droid Store: R5-D4 *
- Extending Bridge: Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia
- Holonet Cineplex: Chadra-Fan *
- Holochess Hall: IG-88 *
- Imperial Museum: Ewok *
- Imperial Meeting Room: Darth Vader
- Interrogation: Leia (normal) *
- Ithorian Food: Ithorian (hammerhead)
- Mos Espa Cafe: Gungan *
- Mon Cala Aquarium: Mon Calamari
- Pann City Medicice: Holiday Boba Fett * (You need to unlock both Fett and this level with the Decorator Droid)
- Tatooine Apts: C3P0 *
- Training Remotes: Luke Skywalker *
- Scoop of Hoth: Snow Trooper
- Superlaser Tunnel: Imperial Gunner
- Tractor Beam: Obi Wan Kenobi
- Trash Compactor: Luke, Han, Chewie, or Leia
- Watto's Wares: Watto * and Gungan
- Vader Meditaion: Darth Vader


Chewie activates holochess hall


I toke chewie to hollochess hall and it didn't work

The Cantina: Hon, Greedo
Holochess Hall: (also IG-88)
Detention Level: Luke, Hon?, Chewie?
Bounty Hunter: (any bounty hunter)

Thanks! The Cantina has been driving me crazy and it is sooo obvious, and I can't believe I did not add the Bounty Hunter level to the list. That's the fist one I figured out.

Mos Espa Café: Gungan

C3P0 activates Tatooine Apts.

Boba Fett (Holiday Special) unlocks Panna City Medicines, don't know if the normal one does also work ... (I'm playing the Windows 8 version, tho)

Take Luke Skywalker to communications also han solo and chewie

Mon Cala Aquarium: Mon Calamari

List has been updated!

Detention Level is unlocked with Princess Leia

Watto's Wares is unlocked with Watto

Watto's Wares: Watto and Gungan

Hoth Luke didn't work for scoop of hoth

Hoth Luke didn't work for scoop of hoth

Neither does hoth leia

Dagobah Apts: Yoda
Imperial Meeting Room: Darth Vader
Ithorian Food: Ithorian (hammerhead)
Vader Meditaion: Darth Vader

All we need is the Droid Lab(?) Thanks to everyone who helped put this list together.

Your list is not complete. Hoth Luke does not open scoop of hoth. C3po opens droid lab

Sorry I was wrong it's Leia that opens droid lab. I just confirmed this today. Please update list

Thanks for correcting!

Has anyone opened Scoop Of Hoth? I've tried everything! None of the Hoth characters work! I'm stumped!

try snowtrooper,

Snow Trooper doesn't work on Scoop. This is an ongoing puzzle which is also being discussed on other forums-we think its a glitch on the game that the developers have to fix/update and certain that the Snow Trooper or Hoth Luke will work then. Either that or there's an update with more levels and characters to come so they're keeping this scene open to keep the interest there. Who knows-maybe it will be a Wampa or a Tauntaun that unlocks it!

I had a hint from the game about snow troopers using gloves to handle the ice cream in the scoop of hoth level but annoyingly they don't open that scene. Has anyone else tried changing their phones date and time to jump forward and not have to wait for the levels to be built. I've done it a few times and you get a warning that a bitizen has been jettisoned to due an airlock incident!

Snow trooper works after update

snowtrooper works now.


Where does the Emperor go?