Does the iPhone support Java?

Does the iPhone support Java?

No. The iPhone will not support Java applications of any kind. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

We can't disagree with the last part of Jobs' scathing remark, but stating that Java doesn't get used anymore couldn't be farther from the truth - especially in the world of mobile devices.

In any event, the iPhone will not offer Java support.


That is stupid, java is still widely used, even though java as a whole is complete crap, java is still being used, especially by campus websites as well as many sites that have interactive chat interfaces.

can anyone tell me of a good phone that i could use to acccess a java website?

Since most "java websites" use Java in the backend, this would be any phone with a web browser.

Java is not supported, because people can download any existing Java app and can run it for free. FRREEE . which obviously Mr. Jobs don't want.

Anyways, I like to use anything close which restricts me (like I am in Jail) , so I don't use IPhone. so I use freedom phones like Android or Palm Pre. Although i keep Iphone for testing IPhone apps developed by my company..

Not necessarily. If I wanted to design a Java app I could sell it if I felt like it. I don't OWN the Java sdk, but I can certainly sell a Java based app.

He clearly meant java is free as in OSS free not free as in gratis.

Errm, android doesn't support java either..

You are so wrong that it's almost physically painful. Java is the preferred programming language for Android development.

I think that he was talking about J2ME and not the preferred programming language. The APKs are built in JAVA, but the .jars apps are not supported in Android Devices (but yes, u can run it with some others apps)

nexus one and evo 4g the software they run on is called froyo 2.2

NOKIA phones, any model that supports WAP/GPRS and/or Wireless.

ya the best phone to support java is Nokia 7610 and LG Qt78 models they are best...plz dont buy apple i phone for this particular java purpose ........y bcz it dos'nt support all version of java......

Java is often the backend not frontend (GUI), most of commerce applications is either java, .net, c++. Steve Jobs claims that java is not used anymore is not thrue at all.

You are stupid, the whole world runs on Java now. I am an expert Java developer, and can tell you that 90% of the companies I know of use Java.

Well if you are a Lava developer it is likely that you will be in contact with companies who use Java and not the ones who don't need your services :-)

Or, alternately, one could simply look for statistics on the matter:

Sooo - seems to me that the previous comment was more accurate that yours, I'm afraid.

Java is used on the back-end for many large sites, however in the world of commercially available software, it is extremely rare. I urge you to go into a store that sells software in your city and count how many applications were written in Java. I came up with 0.

Of course Java is all powerful.

You are a loser who is not aware of the greatness of Java... and i is not spelled lava...

Go into Android Market..

How about SAP or Oracle support for Java? That's enterprise software that automates whole companies.
At the other end of the spectrum, I urge you to go to a website that sells phone software and see how many games are written in Java.

I work for Ericsson, most of the GUIs of mobile operators' systems we sell are based on Java Swing. These are commercial applications that cost a lot of money.

expert (ex-spert)
ex- has been
spert- small leak under pressure
Java is unstable crap!

As opposed to those robust "self documenting code" Ruby apps (cough sputter), or those zippy Python apps (gag, hack wheeze), those desktop PHP apps (oh wait, there aren't any, really), or those "Segmentation fault" C/C++ apps. You're obviously indoctrinated, hence your opinion is worth exactly nothing.

And just so we're clear, I'm not a Java evangelist - I use whatever suites the task, be in Ruby, PHP, Java or C/C++.

You're a stupid end user who knows nothing but how to run crappy apple or other sophisticated devices.

Grow up kid.

You may disagree,but I'l tell you one thing. Most of the biggest companies in the world use some IBM software products. And you know the funny thing, it's all Java based.

So you're saying that IBM should rebuild their software brands, then companies should redeploy it. We're talking millions in costs here. Don't think so.

So people working with IBM products will stick to their PC. Apple won't steal Microsoft's market with the iPad, the same way they were not able to do it with the MAC.

Seriously why do you think you know everything. Congratulations on working for a shitty company that develops shitty apps, and gives you your shitty 20k a year for being a piece of shit. Just because you know a shitty language doesn't mean it's the best or that anyone else actually uses the shit. You might as well mix cement for a living. Or work full time at walmart. At least then you would know how much of a failure you are, and we would all be on the same page, finally.

The ONLY thing that is shitty here is your nasty disposition. Show some respect or go back to your cave, you troll.

Your ignorance is mind boggling

funny to read this in 2014 when it was just announced that Apple just sold more ios device than the total of window PCs sold !!!

Even funnier is i am running java on my iphone 4s running ios 7.1.1 thanks saurik and the pangu jailbreak team. I am a technophile and use both android and iphone. I have to say it sucks having to install 3rd party software to use it but i had to do it for both my iphone and my android tablet(running cyanogenmod). All it takes is 5-10 minutes. Jailbreak or root your phone. They are basically the same in capability at that point minus the flash for iphones. (Which i could care less on since it runs so shitty on the android anyway i dont care that its not on iphone.) my iphone runs java, can download any filetype, connect to ftp, afp, and smb servers on my network or over the internet via ifile, torrent, has emulators, widgets, terminal, ssh, root access, file browsing, and fully customized ui. My android also has all that except it cannot connect to afp. I send files wirelessly between the devices. I prefer the iphone interface for a phone amd he android interface for a tablet. I dont see why everyone has to be a hater. My iphone and android get along fine(i charge my iphone using the USB port on my tablet frequently). Just take some time to configure your device to do what you want it to do. These are all just computers and are all programmable. You can make your device run anything but bitching accomplishes nothing. Btw steve "money hungry" jobs' salary was only $1 per year for the whole time he was with apple after he went back from next computers. If you have no had an iphone and just used an android and read iphone hate articles your argument it is irrelevant. And the same can be said about android hating iphone fans. Both are great operating systems and both can do a lot, especially if you take the whole 5 minutes to jailbreak(plugin iphone, push jailbreak) or root(hopefully your device is common enough for a one click and some good roms) your device.