How to Get an InvisibleSHIELD Warranty Replacement from ZAGG

The invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG is arguably the highest-quality screen and body protector on the market. What really sets the product apart from the competition is the ZAGG Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Claims of free replacement can sometimes come with a list of fine print, so what's the real deal behind ZAGG's warranty program?

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD warranty email

After purchasing an original back invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone 5 in October directly from ZAGG, the company proactively emailed three months later offering to "refresh" the product. With this email filed away, it wasn't until 8 months later that the invisibleSHIELD started to look shabby. Over 11 months it protected the iPhone 5 from several drops and pocket lint had infiltrated along one edge under the adhesive film.

Having spent $14.99 plus $2.99 shipping on the original invisibleSHIELD, the time to pursue a free replacement had come. While the product replacement is free of charge, ZAGG does require a shipping and handling fee of $3.99. In this case, the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee saved $13.99 over re-purchasing the invisibleSHIELD.

Get the New InvisibleSHIELD First

ZAGG makes it possible to keep your device protected while waiting for the replacement invisibleSHIELD to arrive. First the customer must login to their ZAGG account and initiate the warranty replacement. If the product is registered it will appear under the list of products purchased.

ZAGG will pre-authorize the full retail price of the replacement on a credit card until the old invisibleSHIELD is returned. This could put a hold on funds, so be aware if a debit card is used. Once the order is processed, the new invisibleSHIELD will ship.

Send the Old InvisibleSHIELD Back

While the old invisibleSHIELD looked pretty beat up when removed from the iPhone 5, the iPhone back itself looked brand new. Some patches of adhesive were easily removed from the device by rubbing a cloth over the metal surface.

A packing slip and a return envelope with instructions are included with the new product. Here are the steps printed on the envelope to send the old invisibleSHIELD back to ZAGG.

1. Stick original ZAGG product pieces to specified yellow area on the attached insert. Detach and insert in the envelope. Limit 2 products per envelope.
2. Fill in your name and return address. (Please print clearly)
3. Write order/registration# on front of envelope.
4. Apply postage and mail.
5. Please include the packing slip that came with your replacement product if you have it.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD warranty claim

The order number can be found on the packing slip. On the other side of the envelope is a marked space to stick the old invisibleSHIELD parts:


Return same number of replacement pieces sent to you. (Example: If 8 new pieces were sent, return 8 pieces [used and/or new])
You may also stick the pieces to the back of the packing slip that came with your replacement product.

After the old product is affixed, the perforated insert should be torn off and placed inside the envelope with the new packing slip. Once all information on the front of the envelope is filled out, the last step is to pay for postage to ship the product back to ZAGG, so they can remove the credit card pre-authorization.

In most cases, this involves a 46-cent USPS postage stamp on the front of the envelope. Customers will need to spend more if the envelope exceeds one ounce in weight, or if tracking is desired. Other shipping services can also be used, such as FedEx or UPS. ZAGG allows 60 days for the old invisibleSHIELD parts to arrive, and when they do the company will reset the warranty so customers can claim future replacements for the life of the protected device.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 5 photo introduction

The new product will ship with an installation kit including spray and a squeegee in retail packaging. Remember, the invisibleSHIELD guarantee does not cover installation errors. For a review of this process see these instructions on how to install the invisibleSHIELD.

Overall, the ZAGG Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is a streamlined program that can save frequent invisibleSHIELD users a significant amount of money. For more information about the program see the ZAGG FAQ found here.


I followed the steps and sent my old invisible Shield back for a replacement almost 3 months ago. I had purchased this item with my new Galaxy cell phone from one of the T-Mobile stores here in Jacksonville, FL for $30. I needed a new shield because I had to have my phone replaced, but I have not received any type of correspondence since sending it to you.

Your consideration in this matter is appreciated.

Thank you,

C. Harris

On 7/13/15 I went on line and registered my purchase of the Mirror Glass Shield for my IPhone6 Plus. The Shield is broken in several places and needs replacing. Your web page won't allow me to place a warranty replacement. Your website accepts new orders but not for warranty replacements. for full I'll probably end up returning my Mirror Shield to the Verizon store where I bought it. They'll probably refuse to replace it and will refer me back to Zagg's warranty dept. but at least I'll get the satisfaction of letting Verizon know my opinion about Zagg's so-called lifetime warranty. Sucks in my opinion..

The Verizon store suggested that I go to a Zagg kiosk located in a nearby shopping mall. Took my IPhone 6 Plus there and had my broken Mirror Glass Shield with a new one in about 2 minutes. I only had to pay $7.00. I'm happy with the service and with the life time warranty. Thank you Zagg!