How do I turn a video into a picture on my iPhone?

How do I turn a video into a picture on my iPhone?

You can turn a frame of video on your iPhone into a still photo by taking a screenshot. Just pause the video where you want to take the picture and quickly press the home and sleep buttons simultaneously.

The screen will turn white and the shutter release sound will be heard (If you hold the buttons too long the iPhone will go into sleep mode). The image will appear in your camera roll.



Or you can download Shutta from the App Store for free: it allows you to scroll through your videos frame by frame and take as many stills as you want. You can download your Shutta images to your iPhone or text, email or share them on social networks straight from the app. The Shutta logo can be removed by upgrading your app for $0.99 or €0.89. Happy snapping :)

Try Viceo 2 Pic from the App Store, you can even crop the pictures to the size you want, and share them from the app.
Well worth the USD 0.99 :)

I found the snapcha application best. Very easy to scoll thru each single frame, forward and back.

Surely you mean the Shutta app

There are programs such as Free video to JPG converter by DVDVideosoft. I use it alot. It can extract all frames from a video. It is useful for attempting to identify a person. It is also useful for getting licence plate numbers from a video. Such details are hard to see while the video plays normally but it does not necessarily mean that they are not there in your video. I highly recommend keeping multiple backup copies of any such files that you may want to keep. It should be one that had no editing or anything done to it. Just keep it in the same condition that it was downloaded from your camera and also don't erase the original from your camera if you can avoid it. It is simply good practice to keep multiple backup copies. I also do not send to the clouds. I never had to do that before and it is unnecessary. I would rather buy a large capacity server grade hard drive built for reliability and not one of those green power drives. They are junk.

Vhoto is a (free) app that pulls out the best pictures from your videos! That way you can minimize your time flipping through the frames of a long video and see what vhoto finds.