Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Yes, the iPhone will work overseas, and not just in Europe and Asia. The iPhone is a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone. GSM, which uses narrowband TDMA, was first introduced as a standard in 1991 and is now in place in over 100 countries.

Access to receive and place calls from outside the United States will require additional services from AT&T/Cingular, which you will need to arrange with them before your phone will operate in such a fashion, but the phone is perfectly capable for worldwide use.


Hello im thinking to get a iphone here in japan n just wondering if i get it in japan will i be able to use the phone in the usa?

can i switch sim cards n use it ?

I need a cell phone that uses SIM card, that can be used in Africa. It could be Black Berry or i-pad phones. Send to me TYPES and their PRICE list via my e-mail

What service in Japan and how much?

Military purposes..

My friend brought his I phone to South Korea and it worked fine! We were really surprised because Korea and Japan have a different network then the rest of the world.

Will the iphone work in Iran?Iran has GSM system.

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