How can i downgrade from iTunes 9?

How can i downgrade from iTunes 9?

As we reported earlier, many iPhone users have encountered problems with the iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1 firmware upgrade. Until Apple comes out with fixes for these bugs, the solution may be a downgrade to earlier software versions.

To downgrade from iTunes 9 to version 8 or 7.7 you can try the following on a Mac (Windows instructions follow):

- First acquire the correct software package. Select iTunes 8.0.2 or iTunes 7.7.1:

- Uninstall iTunes 9:
Open the Applications folder and move iTunes into the Trash
Restart the Mac and empty the Trash.

- Open your Music directory and open the iTunes folder
- Copy "iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" to your desktop
- Copy "iTunes Library Extras" and "iTunes Library Genius" to your desktop
- DO NOT DELETE this music library iTunes folder

- Install the older version of iTunes
- Run iTunes and select "File" -> "Import"
- Choose the file "iTunes Music Library.xml" from the Desktop
- Your library and playlists will be rebuilt in the older version of iTunes

To downgrade from iTunes 9 to version 8 you can try the following in Windows:

- First acquire the correct software package. Select iTunes 8 from the following site:
- Users looking for 64-bit versions of iTunes 8 can find them here (scroll down):

- Navigate to your iTunes music library (normally in Music/iTunes)
- Copy "iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" to your desktop
- Copy "iTunes Library Extras" and "iTunes Library Genius" to your desktop
- DO NOT DELETE this music library iTunes folder

- Uninstall all iTunes Software
- Use Control Panel uninstall to remove all of the following:
Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update, Bonjour, iPod for Windows, iTunes, QuickTime

- Under the folder c:\Program Files delete the following folders:
Apple Software Update, Bonjour, iPod, iTunes, QuickTime

- Search for any hidden folders named "Apple Computer" or "Apple"
- These may appear under AppData or Local/AppData
- Delete these folders

- Restart your Windows machine
- Install the older version of iTunes
- Run iTunes
- DO NOT SELECT options to automatically add media files
- Select "File" -> "Import"
- Choose the file "iTunes Music Library.xml" from the Desktop
- Your library and playlists will be rebuilt in the older version of iTunes

To downgrade your iPhone to firmware 3.0.1 see instructions here.


You are an absolute lifesaver! It worked perfectly and all my settings an media I hadn't uploaded to my computer were still there. I have a number of ill relatives who live far away so being without my phone could have been disastrous.

excellent hint. I just downgraded from iTunes 9, back to Version 8.0.2 that works properly & safe.
Thanks for that.


This does not seem to work for me. I followed it step by step, but when I go to start iTunes it says that it wont recognize iTunes Library.itl because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Any suggestions?

Some additional information:

After it installed it said it could use my iTunes library file because it was created with a newer version. So I re-created my library by following these steps:

Also, for the newest version of iTunes 8 go here:

thank you for the link to re-create the library.
i totally deleted mine (that's what u get when u dont read the entire directions aaargh).

i have the same problem!! I don't know how to get it back.. Anyone got any solutions Please?

Great! You are absolute an expert! Cheer!!!

Hi, great info.

Instead of COPY the file "iTunes Music Library.xml" to Desktop I instead MOVED it to Desktop.

After starting the old iTunes 8.02 I selected File-Library-Import.... and then selected iTunes Music Library.xml on the Dekstop.


Also, my iphone apps not make it but see them in user/music/itunes/mobile apps/
I may just drag them into the app window in itunes before I sync.

Thank you so much, I have my radio stations back and am so happy!!!!!
(If you have iphone you need to install 8.2, I first installed 8.0 and would not work with my phone). This was very easy.

It works gooooood. Now its time to downgrade my iphone 3GS 3.1 to 3.0.1 to get back my tethering.
Dont forget the extra hint that its on the comments which save me from going crazy.

Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!

these instructions were perfect, and worked for me -- except that my mobile apps didn't seem to make it back onto my iphone afterwards.

also, for anyone who also is having a restore issue too: after opening itunes 8, be sure to go through the restore process before importing the music file.

To import my old library back in, I couldn't do the ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library, unless I wanted to do it one song at a time (eek)
So I got into my time machine backup:backup/user/date selected/mac hd/users/selected user/music
then I took the iTunes folder and dragged it into the iTunes you opened. It all come back in. Just need find way import playlists.

hi, and if that all work, and i want to do the reverse, so i want back my itunes 9 with all my music.
i just need to download itunes 9 and put back all the stuff that was copy to the directory ("iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" , "iTunes Library Extras" and "iTunes Library Genius" to) back to folder o iTunes and everything will be in order as the first time.

THANK YOU. This worked quickly and painlessly, and I now have access to the iTunes store and podcast directory again! *MWAH*

what if i have applications that i bought will it delete them if i downgrade?

recover music?

i did all and went goog, but when i wanted back my itunes 9, y download it but i couldnt recover my music a my applications that i bought. how do i recover my apps and my music

i followed all the steps but when i tried to open itunes after downloading an older version, it was unable to open because there was no application for it to open with. i am not sure how to fix this and would love some help

after successfully downloading an older version of iTunes, i clicked to open it, but a message popped up saying "the file 'iTunes Library' cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes." What do i have to do to get iTunes to open?

Thanks so much for posting this info - YOU ARE A LEGEND! Like some others, I had problems initially with " can't load music library because it was created by a newer version" or something similar. I had already backed up my library, but iTunes 8 wouldn't start b/c of this "newer version" business until I went to Music -> iTunes and placed this file in the Trash (temporarily). I ran iTunes again and it started no probs. I then dragged the iTunes folder from trash and put it on my desktop. When I open this folder, I was then able to drag and drop it into the iTunes 8 app and it started transferring the whole library (took 15 minutes as I had around 2000 songs in it).

The whole process is a bit fiddly (though you explained it all very well) but to have access to the iTunes store again after that clusterfuck iTunes 9, I was very happy. Thanks again!

Help! Your directions didn't work for me. I got to downloading v8, but when I tried to open it, it said it couldn't open my library because it had been created by a different version of itunes. Please help me!!!

I know what you are doing. You are clicking on an "old" link. Probably in your start menu. Remove that link and then look for itunes on your desktop. This will be the "new" link with the lesser version.

if i do this will i lose all my apps? (they are on the itunes)


This worked great. Maybe you should add a little detail on how to get to certain files. I know that it may seem like second nature to you, but leaving out where to go to "import" something may confuse people. You should list things like "go to file", "go to library", etc. I was able to figure it out, but I'm no computer wizard and it always helps with step by step instructions are included so the user doesn't have to assume anything.

But yea, I have the Palm Pre and the Version 9 wouldn't allow me to sync with the Pre so I had to go back to version 8 which would. I don't know why apple does this because we are all itunes customers and that's what really counts. Allow me to download music that I bought from their store only makes sense. Heck, I can burn a CD anyway so who really care. Besides, it's not like you have to pay to download the itunes software so why stop me from putting the music on my phone? It's my music that I bought and it's on my computer? So WTH?

Worked great, everything was restored including my stars and stuff!!!! Thanks!

after i did these steps and opened itunes it couldnt recognize my ipod touch 3G.i downloaded itunes 8.0 not itunes 8.0.2 is this the reason? i have windows xp.

Worked perfectly, many thanks!

I downgraded to iTunes 8.02 and so got rid of those horrible stutters while playng music to my airport express.

I cannot find iTunes 8.2 anywhere anymore! What has happened? Downloaded 9 and now my entire system is messing up.

It won't open iTunes for me....I don't know why :s


I was trying to uninstall the Moblie Device support.... right when it said 2 seconds left, the green staus bar would go all the way to te begginging then it would close!!!!!!1