Does the iPhone support Java?

Does the iPhone support Java?

No. The iPhone will not support Java applications of any kind. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

We can't disagree with the last part of Jobs' scathing remark, but stating that Java doesn't get used anymore couldn't be farther from the truth - especially in the world of mobile devices.

In any event, the iPhone will not offer Java support.


Even funnier is i am running java on my iphone 4s running ios 7.1.1 thanks saurik and the pangu jailbreak team. I am a technophile and use both android and iphone. I have to say it sucks having to install 3rd party software to use it but i had to do it for both my iphone and my android tablet(running cyanogenmod). All it takes is 5-10 minutes. Jailbreak or root your phone. They are basically the same in capability at that point minus the flash for iphones. (Which i could care less on since it runs so shitty on the android anyway i dont care that its not on iphone.) my iphone runs java, can download any filetype, connect to ftp, afp, and smb servers on my network or over the internet via ifile, torrent, has emulators, widgets, terminal, ssh, root access, file browsing, and fully customized ui. My android also has all that except it cannot connect to afp. I send files wirelessly between the devices. I prefer the iphone interface for a phone amd he android interface for a tablet. I dont see why everyone has to be a hater. My iphone and android get along fine(i charge my iphone using the USB port on my tablet frequently). Just take some time to configure your device to do what you want it to do. These are all just computers and are all programmable. You can make your device run anything but bitching accomplishes nothing. Btw steve "money hungry" jobs' salary was only $1 per year for the whole time he was with apple after he went back from next computers. If you have no had an iphone and just used an android and read iphone hate articles your argument it is irrelevant. And the same can be said about android hating iphone fans. Both are great operating systems and both can do a lot, especially if you take the whole 5 minutes to jailbreak(plugin iphone, push jailbreak) or root(hopefully your device is common enough for a one click and some good roms) your device.

Listen you morons who badmouth Java. I've been developing with Java for 12 years, have MS in CS and Sun Certified Programmer and Enterprise Architect. Java is the best language there is for 95% of applications, and if you think otherwise you are either a dilettanti or Steve Jobs.

I have phone that has no java enable. Is there anyways to run the opera mini on my phone?
pls help..thanks..=>

ignorant - you are an ignorant

You're right of course. Apart from a solid but probably declining mass of Microsoft .net apps, the world does us Java, as does open source. Any large shop will use Unix/Linux/Java.

so are they ever going to make java for the ipod touch or iphone? cause i want to play online games and chat and stuff

This is indeed true! Any company that has a completely customized database application uses it. This means having on load form scripts and on user input scripts. Without those, the database isnt much use in saving time and reducing errors. I don't develop for a living but do so for my own company. I am probably going to have to get a compatible portable device for this purpose. I also am going to get the franchisees of my company to use compatible devices for this purpose. It's just a must, as they are young cleaning contractors that are always on the move. It's a huge market and they are only getting younger and more in tune with technology. Does anyone know if ipad has javascript functionality because that would be ideal due to the larger screen?

who are you calling stupid? nobody was agreeing Mr. Job

Leaving fanaticism aside, the fact of the matter is that JAVA is actually the most widely used language. Case closed... Yes Jobs has said this or that. So has Bill Gates, and anyone else considered guru enough, and some of their statements proved to be off at times.

can we develop mobila applications using .net,or java is only way to develop mobile applications

Sir, woud you kindly create java for iphone please...

Java is used a lot and is really powerful, not to mention is open source. Steve "Blow"Jobs is just taking advantage of the popularity of the IPhone. He wants to promote Objective-C only...Android phones will knock him out soon

Hey, I'm with you.. I'm all for open source and would much rather android overtake the Iphone OS.. But honestly I don't it stands a chance.

Geeks buy things like freedom phones and support open source software. Normal people buy what everyone else is buying or what they think everyone else is buying.. Apple's marketing department is an nigh unstoppable.. Look at any movie made in the last 10 years.. If you see a computer it's going to have that apple on it. If you see an MP3 player, it's going to be an Ipod.. and if you see a phone in any movie made in the last 3 years it's generally going to be an Iphone or a razr..

Apple is a status symbol, that's what most people care about. It's unfortunate, but I doubt even google has the ability to knock apple off it's pedestal now.

Hey, dip shit, Android isn't open source, it's Google, & by the way, has had WAAAAY more issues than Apple ever even thought to protect themselves from encountering!

As for Java, sure, it's used, widely as a matter of fact, I wouldn't be able to run near the multimedia embedded Java, JavaScript, Node JS v4 or any other language my site uses, including them all, as most, honestly, systems do use today, in one form or another ( i.e.Python, Ruby, Node JS, Perl, PHP, C+, C++, Tomcat (Java written), etc etc etc) which is the benefit of what dip shit meant in saying open source and a web server running what 99% of all production servers commercially or privately run in one form or another of Linux and Apache, or NGIX, or a variant thereof. As for you pu$$ies fighting over Apple or Android, they BOTH have you locked under their control bc corporations adhere to and strictly abide by marketing their products and unless access gained to the root of either phone by jailbreak or other methods, you are at both of their mercy in what you want or need in either one of them. My God, you would think someone came to your houses and dragged your momma out and forced you to watch them give you a new brother or sister, I mean damn, that would give someone a reason to really be as angry as you guys are getting over technology! Jesus, it's called CAPITALISM, LOOK IT UP FOR YOU OTHER DIP SHITS!

As for you MS promoters saying it's the best and nothing else compares or is worthy, maybe you should look at the track records and fruits to your loins and quality thereof, because I can't ever stop thinking about viruses, malware, & issues while using ANY Windows device simply from the Java enabled applications it takes to work alongside all the other languages and constant Windows Update f$%k ups screwing up any and all machines Windows runs on frankly. Am I a huge fan of Mac? NO, it has its own chapters in this novel of monumental f&*k ups too, but is it more reliable than anything Windows or Microsoft based? UHHH YEAH! Look at the #1 sites currently carrying malware and fraudulent data & spam both email and other forms, #1 MICROSOFT.COM they SUUUUCK & terrible! Anything, Apple, Android, or Fisher Price would be better than Microsoft! So i wohkdnt be bragging about the apps you write which just so happens to run alongside Windows, because, I mean, you never stated how long it would take for a BSOD or other cluster f&*k to occur before it actually renders both your Java app and the OS as a whole completely worthless... Mr. I'm a 'however many years wasting your time' so called expert! I am in the financial sector having not a damn bit of shit to do with what's here as I'm self taught, aside from that mention, it's truly irrelevant if I keep sputtering out worthless shit don't ya think? I'm sure most would whether others here do or not, I could give a shit less!!!

One correction, to your very first comment that Android is NOT open source. Actually, Android IS open source, it's an open source project created *and* run by Google, released with the super-permissive Apache License 2.0, except for the Linux kernel modifications which are separately licensed to comply with Linux's open source license: GNU GPL v2.

Long story short, you could legally rip off all of the code for Android, modify it as you wish or not (just being sure to remove any trademarked logos), and release it as your own new open source project under a variety of licensing options which are compatible with its Apache 2.0 open source license, OR you could even NOT release the modified source code after ripping it off from Androids openly available source repository, IMPROVE it making a better product then the existing Android operating system (you don't like how Android works or you find bugs, you can fix them yourself! Not so with iOS.), rename it and SELL it under your own brand name without paying Google a dime or giving them anything but a brief text attribution practically buried in small-text legal jargon at the startup of your app, and including a copy of the Apache 2 license's legal language in a text file with your Now PROPRORIETARY software that YOU make ALL of the money off of. That's what Google's Android's Apache 2.0 license allows, Wikipedia it.

And it's too tempting: "dipshit," stick with finance.

guys i love java and recently start working in it...but some people alway say me thats it is not used much you should use csharp and is better than java.pointer are not there in java thats why it can't be used to connect it with hardware.but beside all this i think java is much better because of applets +its working

"pointer"? Java has JNI, you can use unmanaged code with Java, mix Java with Assembler, C\C++ code, call native *.dll files, don't listen noobs crappy talks.

You grown men are acting like playground children. Believe how you wish and let others do the same. For god sake is there only one correct answer? You have one opinion while someone has another. You guys need to take the adult approach. Would you allow your children to talk to strangers like this? And you call yourselves adults. Ankle biting and name calling shouldn't be part of this discussion.

I needed to look up information for school

Oh please, this is BS. Java as whole is crap?? What are you on about? There's a lot more to Java than interactive chat sites and applets. Some of us write actual software as opposed to hacking PHP, Flash, or AJAX and between C/C and Java, you'll have a hard time finding someone who'd tell you Java isn't a superior language. Jobs has made some of the biggest mistakes in the history of computing and been able to survive because he's also made some of the biggest innovations. But leaving developers out of the loop of the iPhone will simply mean more and better software on the clones.

It's all about the all mighty dollars Mr. Jobs. The iphone costs $500.00. I won't give you the mula if there is no java on the iphone. It's just that simple!!!

We develop and distribute java-based applications worldwide and have users in over 200 countries. Emerging markets (and consumers worldwide that do not want or can not afford an iPhone) are buying java-enabled mobile phones. The vast majority of growth in mobile sales is coming from these emerging markets. That leaves much smaller prosumer/enterprise market which is then fragmented amoung Blackberry, the multitude of Smartphones (most support java) and now iPhone. I think Steve Jobs comment certainly put him in the minority.

I think Steve Jobs' comments were more of an excuse than a really valid reason. Any statistics site will show you Java is alive and well. Perhaps some usages of it have tapered off (such as Applets), but it's not dead by any stretch of the imagination.

I think his position was really more of "we want to keep draconian control", and this was his lame justification.

As with a previous poster, my position is "no Java, no sale".


Were not going to enable Java's rubbish, lie, lie, etc Dasterdly laugh, hand rubbing etc.

Actually Steve Job's reason for saying nobody uses Java is purely commercial motivated becos he doesn't want to be controlled by Sun or Adobe/flash. He wants to own the new media generation, he wants his own, just like Microsoft wants the silverlight.

He thinks if he gets critical mass with his devices he will sway pple away from java n flash, much like Microsoft swayed the web to their non standard CSS compliant browsers years ago.

I m a iPhone user n I hate it not able to use flash or java. Damned.

I use to take over my pc .. and I am not able to run w/ the iphone. I really hope that they get this figured out.

Just switch in your logmein preferences to use HTML, instead of Java

That exactly worked for me: using to control my PC remotely.

Thanks for the tip!

As innovative as he is, Steve Jobs could not be farther from reality. Java-base applications are now and will continue to be a vital necessity. The iPhone is a great product except for the huge void of java support. Too bad.

Know you're talking!!!