Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Yes, the iPhone will work overseas, and not just in Europe and Asia. The iPhone is a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone. GSM, which uses narrowband TDMA, was first introduced as a standard in 1991 and is now in place in over 100 countries.

Access to receive and place calls from outside the United States will require additional services from AT&T/Cingular, which you will need to arrange with them before your phone will operate in such a fashion, but the phone is perfectly capable for worldwide use.


Will it be possible to use the iPhone with a SIM card chip, such as are in use in Ukraine?

I just found out that iPhone actually has a SIM card but it will probably be locket to use other Sim cards than AT&T. But if it has a SIM card it can also be unlocked to use other providers SIM card and thus it should be able to work in Ukraine as well. It also depends on the type of network u use in Ukraine, but it should be capable of that....

check this page out about the SIM card:

hello.. can i ask? i am from philippines and and i have an iphone from usa and it has a at&t sim card.. will the iphone is compatible in smart simcard? in philippines..

yes, i have a at&t iphone and it cost me only 1500 pesos to get it open for other network.


I'm from Malaysia. How to get it open for other network? Where should I go to get it done?

Hi, I'm glad to hear that an iPhone 4 from the Us can be used in the Philippines... But where can I get its lines open to other networks (specifically Globe)... Thank you...

You just need to jailbrake your iPhone and go to cydia search ultrasnow and install ..... Your iPhone is unlock. That simple! To jailbrake your iPhone here in the US is just $20. But I just did my own jailbrake from jailbrakeme.

hello.. im just asking where did u have it unlocked, what is the name of the MALL and what sim network are you using now???... waiting for your reply...

hi, may i know the name of the shop or store who got open ur iphone for another netwrk. my daughter is giving me her iphone which she bought here in japan if it can be opened in the philippines. i would appreciate it much more if u could also provide me their telephone number. thnx a lot. GBU

Are you new in philippines? have you gone to greenhills san juan if you knew this place you can go there and get it done for jailbreakfor 500 pesos

filipino here.

i want to buy an iphone 4 from us. because it's way cheaper compared to buying it from Globe.

anyway, i just visited apple's website (feb 11 2011) and there i found out iphone 4 can be sold at $199

my question is, "yun na ba yun?" (is that it?). I mean, do i have extra fees to pay or something?

because i'm looking for the exact amount (from order to shipping to my doorsteps)

and, what if you don't have a credit card? what's the plan b?

it will be much appreciated if filipinos would reply. thanks!

check it again..iphone 4 cant be worth $199..it is if you plan to buy it with a plan ..but if you plan to buy it and use it in the philippines with another provider then it will cost you $599 + tax!.. also you can not buy the phone from the apple store online but you have to go physically to the store to buy it...pay in cash at the store if u dont have credit card

$199 yes but you ought to have a plan of subscription from at&t for 2yrs otherwise u have to pay pre-termination fee of $200 plus addt'l cost of iphone which is more or less $500.

hi! i'm a filipino living here in the US. that 199$ is the cost of the phone and should have a 2-year contract with the provider. that's also locked to their network. iphone 4 costs more or less 499-699$ without commitment and unlocked.

please help me, beacuse i have at&t iphone also but it cant work here in palawan huhuhu can u help me for this? what should i do?

What did you do to make it open to all networks? Did you jailbreak it? Does it still work the same?

Hello! Do u know how much an iPhone 4 sim card would cost in the Philippines?

Where did can you get a SIM card for the iPhone in Manila?

hello.. can i ask? i am from India and and i have an iphone from usa and it has a at&t sim card.. will the iphone is compatible in smart simcard? in India

is ur iphone working. i am also from india. please tell me bcoz i also want to take an iphone from US


check this link...

i have the same problem with u too. i got an iphone from canada with telus simcard in it. i havent tried putting other sims like globe or smart. does it work now with you? thanks

I'm from Philippines as well and yes it will work in... Have it unlock first from your provider and insert your smart card.... There u go u can use it as a roaming and in the Philippines... Internet will work as well if there's wifi....

what do you mean by "Have it unlock first from your provider"? do you mean the original sim provider...

what if his already in the philippines and there is no way of getting back the iphone from the originated country.... Can the new sim provider unlock the iphone instead of the original service provider? please reply i have the same situation

I have a iPhone 3 I bought used,and do not use anymore I found out it is lock,how can I get it unlocked,and will a pillipine provider SIM card,work in this phone

Will my iPhone 4 that was bought in South Africa work in South Korea?

How much iphone will cost with out service?

Will the iphone work in South Korea? I heard that the chances were slim to none.

No the Iphone will not work in South Korea or Japan.

not true im using my iphone in japan works fine!