AT&T Ranked Last in Consumer Reports Survey

This may come as no surprise to iPhone owners: AT&T ranks last out of the four major service carriers when it comes to customer satisfaction. Consumer Reports surveyed 50,000 wireless subscribers in 26 cities for the annual report.

The survey resulted in the following rankings and scores:

1. Verizon Wireless (75 points, largest carrier in the US)
2. T-Mobile (70 points, smallest carrier in the US)
3. Sprint (67 points)
4. AT&T Wireless (66 points, exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the US)

AT&T was ranked worst in 19 out of the 26 cities surveyed in the report. Problems cited by users included poor voice calling service, average messaging and email service, and poor customer service and staff knowledge. Texting was one bright spot in subscriber feedback.

Even though the highly anticipated rollout of iPhone MMS service went smoothly, the company has been fighting an uphill battle for hearts and minds after a delay in launching the service.

AT&T is in the process of adding 2,100 cell towers to its network this year to improve service. The company often cites the heavy bandwidth use of iPhone owners as a difficult technical challenge.


Listen, I'm no fan of AT&T.

That said, what you're seeing here has *nothing* to do with the customer service that AT&T provides and *everything* to do with successful marketing by smart folks at Verizon to the plethora of dumb folks that jesus, xenu, hashem, or some other skybound asshole dumbed on this country in a mire so thick it coats the hills and valleys of this land like molasses.

Verizon says (over and over again) that they're the best, people believe it. Verizon says (over and over again) that AT&T customers have it bad, people believe it. I've listened to countless iPhone customers bitch about AT&T with absolutely no identifiable real gripe, just the compulsion to complain about something they aren't satisfied with. Far be it from them to have any idea what it is. Press them for details and it turns out they are perfectly satisfied with all their services, at least as they compare to anything offered by other carriers.

Trust me, I've had long running experience with both companies. Slave traders provided chained and bound African captives with better customer service than Verizon provides to its customers. I've never dealt with a single company, lawyer, pimp, or torturer more out of touch with the concept of customer service or out of touch with the concept of humanity, for that matter.

Stay away, stay far away. Be scared.

youare too funny , made me laugh ;) thank you i agree all carriers have faults but att faults lie not with cust. service but with prices lol they have always been friendly tome and my iphone does soooo much , apple on the other hand needs to focus on current customer products and not drop us for te future purchasing consumers ya know like , the iphone 3g obsolete pretty much now that the s and 4 are out , we no longer matter to apple it eems unless w are going to dump more money . :(