AT&T Website: No iPhone For You

Yet another snafu in AT&T Wireless' public relations efforts has surfaced. Customers interested in purchasing an iPhone via the company's website in the New York area are finding that the product isn't listed.

Zip codes in New York City, northern New Jersey and Westchester County have had the iPhone removed as an option for online purchase. Representatives of AT&T have simply stated that distribution and promotion channels are periodically changed.

This hasn't stopped rampant speculation and reports of other reasons being floated by AT&T employees. One online help chat resulted in the AT&T representative explaining that New York doesn't have enough cell towers to handle the iPhone. Other zip codes where AT&T has cited network difficulties such as San Francisco are still offering the iPhone online.

Another representative of AT&T says the reason for the omission involves increasing cases of online fraud in New York iPhone orders.

Regardless of the reason for the change, iPhones are still available in New York area AT&T Wireless brick and mortar stores. Apple stores and the Apple store online are also offering the iPhone for all customers regardless of location.