How to Steal 14 iPhones in 31 Seconds

The glass facade of an Apple store may look sleek, but apparently it doesn't do much for security. The surveillance video of this heist shows what is described as a professional "smash and grab."

The stolen goods included 14 iPhones, 23 MacBook Pros, and 9 iPod touches. Five mask-wearing suspects pulled off the entire operation in 31 seconds flat.

Adding insult to injury, this is the second time in six months the Sagemore Apple Store in Marlton, New Jersey has been burgled. In March, 8 laptops and 8 iPhones were taken.

Sagemore hired the security guard seen here in the video after the incident. After throwing a brick through the front door, the suspects signaled to the unarmed security guard they had a gun.

The guy was probably enjoying his coffee after six months of lonely nights. All of the sudden it's 2AM and a crew of thugs are stacking laptops in their arms. Magsafe cords on the display tables released instantly with no damage to the stolen hardware.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call police at 856-983-1118. There is also an anonymous tip line at 856-988-4699.