No-Contract iPhone 4 Sales Still Allowed in US

Rumors have surfaced online that Apple and its partner AT&T Wireless have ceased to offer the iPhone 4 without a two-year service contract. Speculation on the issue has blamed the policy change on everything from an impending Verizon iPhone to AT&T greed. These reports would be informative except for one thing, the rumor is not true.

att no contract iphone 4

Both AT&T and Apple offer the iPhone 4 without a contract at no-commitment pricing. However, these deals are not available online. AT&T representatives have verified that the iPhone 4 can be purchased without a contract in person, from either an AT&T Wireless retail store or an Apple Store. To have an iPhone purchased online and shipped to your residence or place of business, a two-year contract is required.

AT&T reps have stated that the policy is not a new one, although some reports have claimed that Apple changed verbiage on its iPhone FAQ page. The text below can be seen on the Apple website right now:

Can I buy an iPhone without an AT&T contract?
No. iPhone requires a two-year AT&T wireless service contract.

According to AT&T, which has an exclusive agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone 4 in the US, these words are not new, just misleading as they refer to the Apple online store and not retail outlets.

Purchasing an iPhone 4 unsubsidized results in the following prices:

16GB for $599
32GB for $699

Going with a two-year service contract from AT&T Wireless shaves $400 off the price:

16GB with two-year service agreement for $199
32GB with two-year service agreement for $299

AT&T Wireless is currently the only official carrier of the iPhone in the US. The only other compatible carrier is T-Mobile, although 3G data frequencies will not work. Switching carriers requires a jailbreak and unlock on the iPhone, which could violate the Apple warranty.

According to reports, Verizon Wireless could offer the iPhone 4 as early as January 2011.


What's the deal with iPhone 4 no contract sale?

I called Apple Store a dozen times in past 2 months to check if they sell the iPhone without contract and if they have it in stock. Every time they told me that I can buy it, but it is out of stock. OK.

Finally the day when they had it in stock came, and I went on a 2 hour drive to the nearest Apple store.

The welcome guy greets me, I explain what I want (iPhone 4 without a contract). He says no problem, $599, and stand in the line there.

While in line, another employee approached me. I explain the situation, and he says I will be next soon.
After 1h of waiting, it’s my turn. I say what I want for the 4th time. He goes to the register, brings two iPhones, scans them with his device and denies me the sale!

With the rude attitude and an apology, that's all he had to say.

What is going on? What’s the deal? My friends are buying them all over the states without a contract.

What do you think about this? And what do you do if you were me? Whom to complain?

Store info:
Apple Store Westfarms
500 Westfarms MallFarmington, CT 06032(860) 521-7997

That is really annoying. :(

I am going to Chicago right now to try to buy it and I really hope this does not happen to be too as I will try to buy it without contract.

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Hey I want to buy iphone 4 without contract.Tell me the price and will see how we can make the deal.

my friend bought one from they seem to price it pretty reasonable. however, i'm on t-mobile right now. do you know if i buy from them it will work for my carrier?


Do you still sell iPhone 4 with no contract for $150?

how much do you want? which color do you have? and how soon can u ship? what is the guarentee on the phone? and also is ti uclocked?

thanks much

hi, i am in india and i want to buy iphone 4 from you. can u send it to me? if yes, how can we do the transaction? please let me know. thanks.

hey i wanna buy some no contract phones too but these prices arent so jamaican btw so anything good that works with gsm or edge would be nice

do you still have the iphone 4 with out a contract for sale

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I want 15 Iphones 4 without contract, anyone knows how I can get them ? Apple wouldn't sell me more than 3. Thank you in advance

i am looking for iphone 4 16gb black do you have? how much?

pls let me know if u still have available iphone 4 w/o contract and where are u located?
thanks a lot


how much are you saleing them for?

Thanks for your mail..

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Are the phones that are sold through stores without a contract also locked to only work with AT&T? I would assume so, but am hoping someone would know.

are they already jailbroken?

"Going with a two-year service contract from AT&T Wireless shaves $400 off the price"

"shaves 400 off the price?"

are you stupid?
what about the at least $1,689 dlls you will spend on a 24 month contract basis? In the end you shave bullsh!t.




laccerme competency.

I just bought iphone4 (1st Nov-10) from apple store in california Pleasanton stoneridge mall., No contract.No questions asked.No Id, No Nothing
Just walked in paid the full retail price - $599 for 16gb pluse tax $58. Salses man asked for my mail Id and mailed the invoice to the same. Mail reads as 30 return policy.

Is it locked to AT&T simcard or you can use other simcard?


Hej :) do you have simlock on your Iphone ??

Is it unlocked?

I have new iphone4 inbox . How can i use with none contract ? Please

Hey, i'm going to New York in a few months and i was woundering if i can buy an iphone 4 without contract there and then take it back home to sweden and if it still will work when i am at home??

I bought one for my friend back home in Asia and there's no problem. You have to buy it at Apple store (I live in Maryland). I think the only you need to make sure is there's a provider in your country that provide service to iPhone. Hope this help! :)

Hi, I bought one for my friend back in Asia. It's working fine with no problem. I bought from Apple store in Maryland. I think the only thing you need is to make sure the providers in your country provide service for iPhone. You might also have to change some settings. Hope this helps! :)


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