How do I copy pictures and videos from my iPhone to a PC (no iPhoto)?

How do I copy pictures and videos from my iPhone to a PC (no iPhoto)?

Copying photos from your iPhone to a PC is a different process than using a Mac. Most Mac users simply use built-in iPhoto software to move videos and pictures to the computer.

First plug your iPhone into the PC using the USB cable.

For Windows XP:

1. Navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Scanner and Camera Wizard.
2. When the Select Device window appears choose Apple iPhone and hit OK.
3. Click Next to use the wizard. If you'd rather copy photos manually using Windows Explorer then choose "advanced users only."

Windows Vista:

1. Windows will automatically recognize the iPhone and an AutoPlay window will appear.
2. Select "Import pictures." If you'd rather copy photos manually using Windows Explorer then choose "Open device to view files."

Sometimes Windows will not recognize the iPhone. When using XP you may receive the following error:

The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera.

1. To fix this problem disconnect all USB devices.
2. Right click "My Computer" and select the device manager.
3. If you see an Apple mobile device listed right click and uninstall the driver.
4. Reboot your computer.
5. Reattach the iPhone and now it should recognize the device as a camera.


I came here looking for a simple way to do this using the USB. There isn't one. So let me help you by using an old reliable method from way back in microsoft days: emailing it an attachment. You have to establish an email program on the iphone. I refuse to have itunes or buy anything from the stupid store, since this compels one to use that tactic for everything if you sign up for itunes. You can sign up for icloud on your pc. Then u will find an icloud, com on your iphone. You will find that it opens in your picture menu, when you arrange to send a pic to a friend. Open Icloud instead. It will ask you your password and email, which you have from putting the program on your pc. Put those in, attach the photo to an email and send it to your normal address in the pc. If you use the old microsoft trick of sending it on your normal emailer on the pc, it may simply put it in the email program, say, on the phone, but you won't be able to access that file on another computer. Fire up Icloud instead and experiment with how many photos u can send at a time. I've made this work repeatedly, but have trouble teaching it to clueless PC users who have never learned the importance of knowing how to locate any file in their computer. This should handle you folks who can't make an easy file transfer from device to device. Its troublesome but none of the tactics above worked for me, nor do they work for most folks.

I enjoy reading all these comments from people that blame their device and not themselves!! A previous poster told us all how to do this properly, make sure your IPhone is unlocked by using your password, then plug it in via USB and it will ask you what you want to do...
Then look at your iPhone screen and make sure to give it permission to communicate with your computer, now you have access to all your photos..
Simple if you take a deep breath and actually read when others are trying to help.. people!!

Wow, you're quite rude. I have the exact same problem with my iPhone 5 to windows 7 pic transfer.
Yes, my phone is unlocked. No a pop-up does not appear to prompt viewing or uploading pics like it would normally do if I connect my canon camera.
My iPhone will list as a device but no I can't right click on it.
Yes the pop up works with all the other cameras I have so that option is not disabled on my computer.
Already verified.
Assuming people with computer issues are simply not listening to others is ridiculous.
Congrats that your transfers are easy. It's unkind to assume that it's easy for everyone we and they must just be stupid. Seriously.

Please listen. If you all would simply take 5 minutes and download iTunes to your computer and then make the transfers through that program to your computer, it is so, SO much easier. Nobody should call anyone else "stupid" or incompetent or any other name. If the name callers need an outlet for that type of behavior, go to a Yahoo blog and do it there. For whatever reason, "Microsoft" makes it very vague and difficult for anyone trying to do anything "Apple" on a Windows based computer system. The easiest way around it all is to just download iTunes to your computer. It's a free download and it is an important part of the step to a hassle free way to get anything you want off of your phone and into your computer. I have a laptop using Windows 7 and I was doing the same thing most of you all are doing. I was banging my head trying to figure out why something so simple was so difficult to do. It is important to do this in the following steps: BEFORE attaching your phone to your computer, download iTunes. It will ask you for your iTunes password. What was difficult for me was understanding that my "iTunes" password is the same as my "Apple" password and it's the same one you use if you have ever bought a song or any other download for your phone. This is what is going to give your computer the "Ah Ha" moment when you plug in your phone after iTunes is on your computer. Once it is downloaded, open the iTunes program just like you do any other, by clicking on it. Once open, attach your phone to your computer with the USB cable. You phone will ask if you trust the computer, tap "Trust". Now you will see a phone in the upper left of your open iTunes screen. Click on it. You will also see "Sync Phone", so click on that. It will take about 3-4 minutes max to sync your phone to your computer and you only have to do it this one time. (You can sync your phone to up to 5 different computers or devices at a time.) A status bar will be at the top of the iTunes page starting at the left and progressing to the right of the top of the page as it downloads your information. Once done, you may see the menu choices on the left side of the page change and the top selection will be "Summary" (you may have to click on the little phone icon at the upper left portion of your screen after the sync is done to access your phone's information). If you see the word "Summary" at the top of the list of choices, you will know you have synced it successfully. Click on "Summary" and you will see how much memory has been used in your phone by individual things such as photos, music, etc. You can also take this time to choose the option to backup your entire phone's contents onto your computer or backup just portions of it. If I remember correctly, my music was automatically downloaded onto the iTunes page during syncing. Anything you bought from the app store as far as music should be there. Clicking on the "Music" option will show you what music is now on your computer. You can copy it from there to any other music venue you use on your computer. Photos and videos can also now be downloaded on your computer and you can elect to erase them from your phone to make room if you like. I just cannot stress enough that iTunes is the "guts" to an easy "info highway" between your phone and your computer. After navigating through it a few times, you will get the hang of how things work. I hope this helps you out.

I have iTunes and still cannot transfer my videos. With the iPhone 6 Plus unlocked and synced, when I click on anything in "On My Device", nothing shows up. No Books, no Movies, nothing. I can go up to Books above this and see my books, but no movies.

When using Windows Explorer, I can navigate to DCIM on the iPhone and see my pictures in folders, but no movies.

Come on. This can't be this difficult!

I totally agree win you, many of these post are obviously full of themselves and not actually reading nut assuming were idiots and don't know how to connect and transfer through USB. How many times do you have to say that doesn't work, device isn't being recognize. I have the same issue with my iPad 1 and cannot afford to buy a new device. I have researched this and haven't tried it yet but I fou d two possible good solutions. The first one is tying to manually download new driver in device manager for apple mobile device under portable devices or USB device. Pick install from list from pc instead of having window Ty to find it, because it wills say it's already got the newest driver. Then in the list chose driver or something like that, I'm sorry I don't have the instructions handy. Another possible fix was to disconnect iPad sign out of iCloud and see if it detects your device that way. Hope this helps. Tried posting the link but it blocks it. I'm trying the tips tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Sorry my iPad is glitchy, my last post cutout the driver name. I decided to copy part of the answered post directly : try this, : If anyone still needs this and nothing else works, this is how I solved my problem.
Go to device manager and find "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver", probably under "Universal Serial Bus controllers". Right click -> Update driver software. Select Browse my computer for driver software". Then Select "Let me pick...". You will get a menu to choose from, select the other option (MTP USB Device). This will recognise the ipad as storage. The ipad should now show up in My Computer.

Iphone use ability from an IT standpoint has always sucked. I can;t simply hook up my iphone6 to a computer and copy pictures back and forth. Just a simple good old fashion drag and drop. You have to download this or that or email them to yourself, on and on and on. I understand these peoples frustration and they are not even IT people. I am 57 years old and have been fixing server, pc's, networks for 19 years and Apples narcissism control is ridiculous.

Can not agree more. I don't know how many hours I've spent and am still spending on trying to copy photos from my iPhones.

Next time please give dates to the articles here. We don't know how long ago was this article from and whether it is still relevant or obsolete. If it doesn't work, people will know that this was only usable for technology that was 4 years ago, or we're talking about current tech.

Since IO6 for Apple devices the simple plug and play feature has not been supported for file transfer on WinXP.
Use a free app on your phone for some cloud storage area, tranfer files there. Then on your PC access that cloud area and transfer the files to your PC.

why apple is so stupid to make things so complicated. No wonder I was with Android for these many years.

I think that BIG Tip for using USB thumb drives(or Blackberrys!) with libraries. Most thumbdrives show up as removable storage and not as hard drives on the computer, which means they cannot be added to libraries.
BUT you can use the Disk Management tools to add it! Right Click the drive in the drive management snap in and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths” add a path. Then add that path to the library.
Now I can play the music off my blackberry without copying it to the computers hard drive, copying the music to my HD is against out companies policy.
Other solutions for this i have seen involve HACKING the devices inf file – the above is MUCH simpler! I am sory this is my work@ standa | on ap lioa | lioa

The best use of libraries I have found so far, deals with how I handle pictures. I have multiple external HDs that all have pics on them, among other things. I am able to add those locations to the pictures library, and have not have to actually have them on the local disc. Just one place to go, and I have access to all my pics

Now i'm using an Iphone 5s, and i always do this way to copy my pictures from Iphone to my laptop: download Dropbox from store, and up the file you wanna send. Then i install Dropbox on my laptop, syn the picture. Done :))

I felt very uncomfortable iphone user to transmit data. So after 2 years of use I turned to see a very passionate and Blackberry OS smart . Recommend you try to use a different operating system !

See this video I made to explain the options available for moving videos and pictures to and from the PC for the latest iOS:

Whoops I mean this better resolution one
Download the Echo Transfer iOS and Android app. you can send your phone data such as photos, videos, contacts, documents... to your computer, from your computer to the phone or from phone to phone. It is all done wirelessly. No cables, No iTunes, No cloud!!

For iPhone or ipad users, if we want to transfer or backup data to pc or Mac computer, we can use direct data transfer tool, itunes doesn’t allow us to transfer the data directly, so when we want to backup or transfer these pics to pc, it can be a little bit complicated.
I think a data transfer or backup tool can help a lot.
You can try MobiKin Assistant for iOS.
hope it helps.