iPhone Wranglin', the CNET Way

iphone812.jpgLike everything Apple iPhone, there has been endless speculation about exactly how available the iPhone will be come release day on June 29th. Initially, there were rumors about midnight iPhone parties at official Apple retail stores (which still aren't completely ruled out). There have been predictions of endless lines outside AT&T retail stores as they prepare to open their doors for business on that fateful day.


Apple Tells Customers: 'Get Ready for iPhone'

In an email sent earlier today, Apple formally informed users on the iPhone mailing list of the device's availability come June 29th. The provided purpose of the email was to suggest some ways that prospective customers might prepare themselves for the iPhone's arrival. The actual purpose, of course was to tout the phone a bit more before June 29th as well as reach out to the few folks living in closets who aren't aware of the release date.

For those of you not on the list, the email follows:


Leaked AT&T Sales Workbook Provides New Apple iPhone Highlights

safariiphoneman.jpgThe folks over at MacRumors received scans of a leaked copy of AT&T's workbook they are providing to their sales force to help them pitch the upcoming Apple iPhone to prospective customers. The scans were provided by an individual that reportedly does not work for AT&T or Apple, but somehow had access to the workbook. Provided the scans are legitimate, and they do appear to be, they offer up some interesting tidbits, the most noteable of which are:



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