How much will the iPhone cost? Is a price drop in the works?

One of the most off-putting aspects of the iPhone for many hopeful owners has been the reported high price tag that will supposedly be slapped on the iPhone at the time of it's release (sometime during June 2007). Initial indications from Apple and AT&T/Cingular at the time of the Steve Jobs' keynote address which introduced the iPhone placed the iPhone pricetag at $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model.

Does the iPhone support Flash?

No. The iPhone does not support flash.

Apple has been clear, up until this point, that they do not intend to support Flash on the iPhone. Adobe announced its own plans to support Flash on the iPhone when the iPhone SDK was released, but was forced to repeal their own comments when they discovered the SDK did not provide enough access to the iPhone OS "innards" to provide such support.

Future generations of the iPhone may support Flash, but for now, the answer is no.

Does the iPhone support Java?

No. The iPhone will not support Java applications of any kind. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

We can't disagree with the last part of Jobs' scathing remark, but stating that Java doesn't get used anymore couldn't be farther from the truth - especially in the world of mobile devices.

In any event, the iPhone will not offer Java support.


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