Apple Announces iPhone Service and Data Plan Details

iphone11.jpgIn their latest addition to the iPhone video tour section on the official iPhone website, a tutorial on how to activate your iPhone, Apple has announced the pricing details behind AT&T's iPhone service plans. As previously reported by iPhoneFAQ, customers purchasing the iPhone at an Apple retail store or Apple's online store will not be required to be AT&T customers at the time of purchase. In fact, the iPhone can be activated with AT&T from the comfort of one's own home.

As indicated in the video tour, customers establishing new service with AT&T will have three different plans to choose from, at price points of $59.99, $79.99, and $99.99. Every plan offers a different number of minutes. All plans, however, offer unlimited data, visual voicemail, rollover minutes, and unlimited mobile to mobile.

You can find the full details of all three AT&T iPhone service and data plans here.

Existing AT&T customers have the option to choose from one of the iPhone plans mentioned above or may keep their additional plan and simply add the iPhone data plan for $20/month.

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Very reasonable pricing plans, in my opinion. I expected AT&T to try and screw everyone.

The big question for me is if I can add a line with a non-iPhone for my wife. I think I could get by with the $60 plan, but to have to get my wife an additional $40 individual plan on top would be pricey.