The iPhone Finally Gets a Drunk Mode

You can now stop yourself from sending embarrassing texts by enabling "drunk mode" on your iPhone before you down a few shots of your favorite alcoholic drink. Drunk Mode is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a toggle switch to your Settings app which when enabled blocks you from sending iMessages from your iPhone. This may sound like a joke, but Drunk Mode could potentially save millions of romantic relationships, friendships and jobs. It should be a standard feature on every smartphone!

iPhone Drunk Mode

The tweak is simple to use, once installed it adds a "Drunk Mode" toggle underneath Airplane Mode in your Settings app. Just tap the switch so it turns green for on, and you will receive a pop up message that reads, "Go Home, You Are Drunk," every time you try to send a text.

Drunk Mode isn't perfect, it would be better if it worked with a breathalyzer test like the social network app Livr, that way you wouldn't be able to turn it off without proving that you were sober first. It also doesn't stop you from contacting people through Facebook or Twitter, or protect your from sending nude pictures on Snapchat.

iPhone Drunk Mode

Drunk Mode is available for free on Cydia in the BigBoss repo. It requires that your iPhone be jailbroken to use and it is compatible with iOS 7.