Two days left to win revolutionary iPhone protection + iTunes

sziphone-smaller.jpgThough we're 14 days into our "We've Got You Covered" iPhone accessory contest, there are still two days left to enter to win. With the ability to enter up to 10 times a day, that means 20 entries to win one of the great prizes we're giving away.

The contest is giving away three prizes, each of which includes a revolutionary insivibleSHIELD iPhone screen protector and an iTunes gift card. The invisibleSHIELD iPhone screen protector is a revolutionary protector for your iPhone, made from a material originally designed for the US military to protect the edges of helicopter blades. It is not your original screen protector.

Many thanks to shieldZone for their assitance putting the contest together and good luck to all the participants so far. Head to the contest page and get your entries in before it's too late.
Winners will be contacted via email on or before June 30th and will later be announced here on the iPhoneFAQ website.



Hey - stop encouraging people! The less people that enter, the better for me. :)