iOS App of the Week: Age of War 2

Age of War 2

The popular desktop title Age of War 2 is now available for iOS. If you have never played the Age of War series, they are side scrolling, tower defense games where you progress through different ages in time. Think Civ Rev but much simpler. Age of War 2 features two more ages than its predecessor. It also includes 29 unit types, the famous Chicken Turret, 4 difficulty modes and tons of achievements and challenges.

In the game you earn coins to spawn and send a constant wave of different types of troops onto the battle field to defend your home. Each troop has a different ability and stats that you can upgrade by spending additional loot. You can also build towers with different turrets and cast deadly spells to defeat your enemies. The goal of the game is to break your way through the enemy waves and destroy their home base.

You can also transform your civilization and troops by advancing through different periods in times, such as the Spartan Age, Renaissance Age and so on. You begin the game in the Stone Age with cavemen and work your way through all seven levels until your end up in the future with powerful cyborgs.

Age of War 2 is a simple strategy game that is perfect for mobile devices. You must spend your money wisely and utilize the correct wave of troops to defeat your enemy. It is an easy game to learn but not an easy game to defeat, especially on the harder modes like "Insane."

Both Age of War and Age of War 2 are available for free on the Apple App Store. Both include IAPs for unlocking the Hacked Mode which grants you infinite money and spells. Generals are listed as "coming soon" for the sequel.