iOS App of the Week: Rep - monetize your social media


If you depend on Google for your income it may be time to consider monetizing your other social media accounts now that YouTube is in an advertiser crisis. It was recently reported that more than 250 brands have pulled their ads from Google's video platform after it was discovered their commercials were running before "extremist" content. Many popular YouTubers have been reporting a decrease in revenue after YouTube demonetized many of their videos in response to the recent advertiser boycott.

Luckily there's a new app that helps social media users connect with brands, marketers, or even other influencers to create new ways to monetize their accounts. Rep allows users to share their Instagram accounts and advertise themselves as marketable "influencers." An influencer is like a spokesperson who promotes a brand or product through their social media or blog.

Businesses can use the Rep app to search and contact Instagram users to find influencers to create new content for their brands. The app breaks down users by popular categories which allows businesses to target specific audiences. A business owner can search the "foodie" tag then contact an influencer and negotiate a deal through the app. The app also provides users with important information about each influencer, such as post and follower counts.

The only major issue with the app is it does not allow users to sync other social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, but users can sync multiple Instagram accounts. Hopefully the Rep developers plan to add more social media support in the future. It would be nice if you could list all your social media under one Rep account.

Rep - Influencer Marketing is available for free on the App Store. All it requires to get started is a device running iOS 9.3 or later, an active Instagram account and a working phone number.