iOS App of the Week: A Way to Slay

A Way to Slay

Puzzle games on the App Store are a dime a dozen, but sometimes one comes along to freshen up the over crowded mobile gaming genre. A Way to Slay is a hack and slash title in the form of a puzzle game. I'm not sure if this is actually new, but it is new to me and made it difficult for me to put the game down to write this review.

In A Way to Slay, you're a sword wielding warrior who must dispatch bandits, vikings, orcs and more as you work your way through the various levels. You start off by taking down bandits by double tapping whatever enemy you want to skewer first. You need to choose the correct order to kill your adversaries or they will kill you instead and you will need to restart the level. The trick is to kill opponents who are spaced far apart so their partners can't reach you in time and take you down.

The controls in Way to Slay are a little hard to master. While it offers simple tap controls to attack, your perspective changes each time you make a move to take down an enemy. You're supposed to be able to adjust the camera angle to compensate for this, but it is sometimes a bit confusing. I found myself zooming in when I wanted to move the camera left or right. Most times I just ended up spinning the camera in circles until I got an angle that let me continue.

UPDATE: Here's the problem. You can't move the camera left or right, but you can swipe down using 1 finger to zoom out. This seems to be the best way to reconfigure your view to see all your enemies after the camera shifts, but it doesn't always work well. I hope they come up with a better way to adjust the camera in a future update because this can be very frustrating.

Like any puzzle game you start in World 1 on Level 1 and work your way through each puzzle as they increase in difficulty. A Way to Slay features 10 worlds or "parts" each with around 15 puzzles to solve. Each part features a new opponent like samurais or pirates. You can also unlock new playable characters and weapons as you complete each world.
A Way to Slay Pirates

A Way to Slay is ad supported. It can get a bit annoying having to watch parrot commercials when you're in the middle of trying to solve a hard puzzle. There is an option to go ad free for $2.99. You can also go ad free and unlock everything for $5.99.

A Way to Slay is available for free on the Apple App Store. Fans of games like Lara Croft GO or just puzzle game enthusiast in general will enjoy this title.