Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Yes, the iPhone will work overseas, and not just in Europe and Asia. The iPhone is a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone. GSM, which uses narrowband TDMA, was first introduced as a standard in 1991 and is now in place in over 100 countries.

Access to receive and place calls from outside the United States will require additional services from AT&T/Cingular, which you will need to arrange with them before your phone will operate in such a fashion, but the phone is perfectly capable for worldwide use.

Will I be able to download iTunes directly to my phone?

No, not when the iPhone is released anyway. This is most likely because Cingular fears possible bandwidth issues. An Apple spokesperson suggested that it would be technically possible to add the iTunes software in the future. It is not known at this time if first generation iPhones will be able to be updated with the iTunes software or if it will be a nextgen addition.


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