How to claim a refund for iPhone battery replacement

iPhone 7 battery

It's official, iPhone owners who had their out-of-warranty batteries replaced last year can receive a $50 refund for the service. The announcement from Apple is a follow up to the $29 battery replacement program, which continues until the end of 2018. As the full price of battery replacement was previously $79 for eligible devices, this $50 credit brings pricing in line with the discounted program currently in place.

How to download your privacy data from Apple

Apple Data and Privacy

Apple has released a new Data and Privacy website to comply with the GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation is a new law in the European Union which aims to give citizens more control over their personal data. The new website from Apple allows users with European Union accounts to download all their personal information stored by Apple, including Apple ID information, App Store activity, AppleCare history and data stored on iCloud. The service will eventually be rolled out worldwide over the coming months. This post will be updated when the full service is available in the US.


How to watch sports on the iPhone TV app

Live Sports Apple TV app

The Apple TV app brings content from a wide variety of different networks and apps into one place. One of the highly touted features of the TV app is its coverage of live sports. Sports fans can now watch a variety of events directly on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the TV app. The TV app helps keep track of upcoming games and provides live scores when available.

How to manage your iTunes subscriptions on iPhone

How to manage and cancel Netflix, Hulu, newspaper, magazine, Spotify, music and video iTunes subscriptions on iPhone and iPad.

Many popular subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, HBO and the New York Times to name a few, can be paid for through iTunes which makes it convenient to see all of your subscriptions in one place, rather than having to track them all down by perusing your credit card bills. Managing them from your iPhone or iPad is simple - you can view them right in Settings and cancel them if you want. Here's how to do it:


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