Apple set to launch Vision Pro headset in February

Apple Vision Pro

In a significant development in the tech world, Apple is gearing up for the launch of its much-anticipated Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. Slated to be priced at $3500, this cutting-edge device is expected to hit the market in early 2024, with a likely release in February.

Recent reports from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman indicate that Apple's suppliers and contract manufacturers have been producing the headset at full capacity for several weeks. The first batch of orders is anticipated to reach customers by the end of February, followed by its appearance in retail stores in March.

This isn't the first time Gurman has projected a March launch for the Vision Pro. However, his latest report is backed by new evidence, including a “product training event” for Apple’s retail employees. This event aims to equip staff with the necessary skills to effectively present and sell the Vision Pro in stores.

Apple is taking an intensive approach to prepare its retail outlets. At least two staff members from each store will be sent to Apple's headquarters for a two-day training session starting in January. These sessions will cover a range of topics, from the functional aspects of the Vision Pro to its marketing. Retail employees will be trained on key features, fitting techniques, and customer etiquette, including how to adjust the headband and light seal for an optimal user experience.

Additionally, Apple is developing an app to enhance the retail experience. This app will scan customers' heads to recommend the appropriate band and light seal. However, retail employees will have the responsibility of verifying these recommendations.

Apple's proactive approach doesn't stop here. The company has reached out to developers for last-minute feedback on the Vision Pro and has been diligently working on refining visionOS, the operating system for the headset. The latest update reportedly addresses several bugs, indicating that the software is nearly ready for consumer use.

While the exact launch date remains unconfirmed, Gurman's sources suggest an early 2024 release, with February being a strong possibility. Apple is expected to make an official announcement soon, potentially overshadowing other product news from the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Initially, the Vision Pro will be available exclusively in the United States, with plans for an international rollout later in the year. Potential first international markets include China, Canada, and the UK.

As Apple finalizes its preparations, the Vision Pro is poised to make a significant impact in the tech sector, especially among early adopters and tech enthusiasts eager to experience the latest in mixed-reality technology.