Apple iPhone Announced

Well, we've finally got a reason to exist!

After almost a year of speculation, the Apple iPhone has been announced. During an almost two hour keynote address by Steve Jobs today, months of rumors and second guessing have been laid to rest. Apple has announced what time may prove to be the most innovative device it has ever designed and produced.

The iPhone feature list is dizzing. Sporting a 480x320 multi-touch screen mounted on the face of a stunningly thing 11.6mm casing, the iPhone is more than just eye candy. Innovative user interfaces, truly useable mobile web browsing, uncanny music cataloging and browsing, full featured email, Bluetooth, A2DP, WiFi, and up to 8GB of storage are just a few (really) of the features crammed into this tiny device.

Here are a few images from the keynote (via Engadget):
Apple iPhone keynote address
Apple iPhone keynote address
Apple iPhone keynote address

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Now that the iPhone is a reality, there's going to be a lot to talk about, and a lot to explain. That's where we come in. The iPhone FAQ is a resource dedicated to getting to know all there is to know about the Apple iPhone.

In the months leading up to the iPhone's release, we'll keep you up to date on news and information about the iPhone. Once the iPhone is available (and in your hands, presumably) we'll help you get to know your device and make the most of it.