iPhone Wranglin', the CNET Way

iphone812.jpgLike everything Apple iPhone, there has been endless speculation about exactly how available the iPhone will be come release day on June 29th. Initially, there were rumors about midnight iPhone parties at official Apple retail stores (which still aren't completely ruled out). There have been predictions of endless lines outside AT&T retail stores as they prepare to open their doors for business on that fateful day. One thing we do know, as Jobs indicated at the WWDC, is that the iPhone would go on sale on Apple's website at 6pm on release day.

Are there waiting lists or are there not? Will the stores who have them even honor them? If you order online, are you guaranteed that you're paying for an in-stock iPhone? No one knows.

Whatever the case, for most of you, getting your hands on an iPhone is going to be an eventful undertaking at the very least.

To help, CNET has written a very informative article providing tips on how to get your hands on an iPhone come June 29th. Included, in brief, are the following recommendations:

- if you're going to order online, go to Apple, AT&T won't be selling online right away

- call an AT&T store and try to get on a waiting list

- show up early at an AT&T corporate retail store of Apple store on release day

- wait till after June 29th (what?!) and try authorized retailers

The article provides tons of good info on the current state of many things iPhone. Check it out.