iOS 4.2 Update Boosts iPhone 3G Speeds in Test

iPhone 3G users were disappointed when Apple's iOS 4.0 made their devices all but unusable due to sluggish performance and short battery life. The iOS 4.1 update was a step in the right direction, with iPhone 3G owners reporting that Apple had made significant improvements. With the release of iOS 4.2 coming any day now, many are wondering if upgrading the firmware on their devices will speed things up even further or lead to more problems.

apple iphone 3G iOS 4.2 improvement

Apple has released the golden master of iOS 4.2, which is the last version that goes to developers before public release via iTunes. The iPhone Blog has thoroughly tested iOS 4.2 on the iPhone 3G and they have revealed that iOS 4.2 runs pretty smoothly in a video demonstration.

Any speed increase is welcome news for iPhone 3G users, who have found themselves locked out of many iOS 4 features by Apple due to reasons including hardware limitations. One example of an iOS 4 feature that won't run on the iPhone 3G is Apple's Game Center, which allows iPhone gamers to socialize and play multiplayer games. The iPhone 3G has only 25 percent of the RAM that comes with the latest iPhone 4 model.

The iPhone 3G also has a processor that debuted in 2007 on the original iPhone, which puts it two generations behind the iPhone 4. The device also features the same 2 MP camera found on the original iPhone. Multitasking on the iPhone 3G is also locked out in iOS 4 by Apple, as the company cites performance concerns. Recently an iPhone 3G user sued Apple for making their iPhone unusable after the iOS 4 update was launched.

iOS 4.2 is slated for release sometime this month, and will run on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, as well as iPads and iPod touch devices.


Anyone know can iphone 3G upgrade to OS4.x version? I purchased from

Also 3GS can upgrade? If yes, I prefer to update to 3GS model due to 4G is very expersive to me!

Yes, you can update after connecting your iphone to your computer through itunes.