Extend iPhone 4 Battery Life With Juice Pack Plus

Looking to give your iPhone 4 battery a boost? The juice pack plus from Mophie sports a massively powerful 2,000 mAh capacity battery in a sleek case. Besides fitting the iPhone 4 so well, this additional battery adds up to 8 hours 3G talk time, 7 hours 3G data time, and 11 hours video playback depending on usage conditions.

apple iphone 4 mophie juice pack plus

The case features an ergonomic design and rubberized bumper that will come in four colors (black is currently available and ships in 1-2 days). Your iPhone 4 can be charged and synced without removing the juice pack plus, and a built-in LED status indicator tells you how much charge is left.

To save power until you need it, switch the juice pack off with the integrated standby mode switch. Not only will the accessory provide extra power, Mophie designed the bottom of the juice pack plus to acoustically enhance sound output from the iPhone 4 speakers. The juice pack features 500 milliamps fast charge technology and comes with a microUSB charging cable. It takes 500 full charge cycles for the juice pack to retain less than 75 percent of its capacity.

So is this thing going to make my iPhone 4 really heavy and thick? Considering that the juice pack is designed to more than double the life of your iPhone 4 battery and provide full case protection, it weighs around half the weight of your iPhone 4 at 2.5 ounces (71 g). The dual-injected hard shell case and battery adds only 0.31 inches (7.9 mm) to the thickness of your device.

For more information or photos of the Mophie juice pack plus, check out the Mophie home page.