Latest Juice Pack from Mophie Packs Over 2000 mAh

iPhone 5 power users will be happy to know that Mophie continues to improve their Juice Pack iPhone cases with built-in battery backup. The latest model, the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 packs a 2100 mAh battery inside, exceeding the capacity of all previous models. So what does a battery this size do for your iPhone's longevity?

iPhone 5 Mophie battery

How about a full 120 percent extra battery power from the stock, built-in power pack on the iPhone 5? No need to do the math, essentially the Mophie case more than doubles your battery life, adding up to 10 additional hours of 3G talk time, 10 additional hours of LTE data time, and 12 extra hours of video playback.

The latest Juice Pack charges with an included micro-USB cable and provides indicator lights to show how much charge is remaining. The case is simple to use, when your iPhone battery gets low simply flip a switch and the Juice Pack Plus charges it up. Not only does the Mophie case provide extra power, but the iPhone 5 is protected from impact thanks to a rubberized, shock resistant band.

Get more information on the Juice Pack Plus directly from Mophie. The battery case comes in black, white and red for $119.95.