No Contract Required to Buy Apple iPhone?

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As we near the release of the Apple iPhone, on June 29th at 6pm, it is seeming increasingly likely that, contrary to previous reports, it will not be required to initiate a 2 year contract with AT&T in order to purchase the iPhone.

Of the 15 Apple retail stores we surveyed today, each one reported no knowledge of their store handling proof of wireless service, contract establishment, or contract extensions with AT&T. More to the point, 6 of the stores specifically stated that no contract would be required to buy the phone, and that the customer would be responsible for establishing service with AT&T after purchasing the iPhone from an Apple retail store.

No only does this likely squelch rumors about through-the-roof non-contract prices for the iPhone (previously rumored to be as high as $899 and $999), but it introduces a new segment of demand to the iPhone launch: opportunistic buyers that have no plans for personal use of the iPhone, only resale at a higher price. As we've seen in recent months with the launch of the Playstation 3 and the Ninetendo Wii, large volumes of iPhones could be bought up by "entrepreneurs" looking to make a fast buck on the upcoming iPhone frenzy.

Clearly the possibility exists that Apple has continued to withhold details about contract requirements from employees at it's own retail outlets as part of an effort to contain as much information about the iPhone prior to launch. Should that be the case, information provided to iPhoneFAQ may be a result of assumptions on the part of these employees due to lack of information, rather than clear indication from Apple that no contract would be required. However, that said, most of the salespeople and managers we spoke with indicated clear knowledge of the no-contract policy. As with everything iPhone, only time will tell.

According to AT&T, purchasing the Apple iPhone at AT&T retail outlets will require a contract with AT&T.



hi i heard the new iphone 4 has arived i want to bye it with out contract how much it cost


I am from india..i would lov to buy iphone 4g without a contract nd cant wait till it lauches in india nd afford tat 500$ price can i buy a iphone with contract nd get it unlocked in india....wether it is possible to get unlocked..nd later can be used with all features without ny problms...

Is this true?

don´t trust that. I have read all apple sites carefully and I would wait till it comes out because U could be pretty disapointed than. I mean what if you will need the contract? They say that you can buy it without the contract for 499/599USD but its not on the site. Every time you want to pre-order it you HAVE to sing the contract. Make your own decidion but....

HI! Where can I buy the Iphone 4g with no contract ?? I need an online shop and preferably a shop that can ship overseas. Does anyone know such a place :D

im from the philippines and wants to buy an iphone, the reason is that its so expensive in our country due to taxes. will someone help me buy an iphone without any risk? thanks

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Be seriously!.... Why can't you call to Apple Store and ask!..... I just called because I was wondering about the same because i don't want to get it for a contract of 2 years plus I hate A&t..... And guess what, you can get it without a contract BUT you have to pay more.

@ above.. wt is the price apple told u when u called them to buy wdout contract ?

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sir i have student pass for one year, can i get iphone3gs in contract from singtel or starhub.

Questions that need answers!

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How can I unlock it by myself?

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It states that you won't need a contract to buy the Iphone 4 but you need a contract with At&t to use the IPhone. So my question is how would you use the IPhone?

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