No Contract Required to Buy Apple iPhone?

For information on purchasing an iPhone 4 without a contract see our FAQ: Can I buy the iPhone 4 without a contract?

For information related to the purchase of the iPhone 3G and contract requirements, visit our FAQ: Can I buy the iPhone 3G without a contract?.

As we near the release of the Apple iPhone, on June 29th at 6pm, it is seeming increasingly likely that, contrary to previous reports, it will not be required to initiate a 2 year contract with AT&T in order to purchase the iPhone.

Of the 15 Apple retail stores we surveyed today, each one reported no knowledge of their store handling proof of wireless service, contract establishment, or contract extensions with AT&T. More to the point, 6 of the stores specifically stated that no contract would be required to buy the phone, and that the customer would be responsible for establishing service with AT&T after purchasing the iPhone from an Apple retail store.

No only does this likely squelch rumors about through-the-roof non-contract prices for the iPhone (previously rumored to be as high as $899 and $999), but it introduces a new segment of demand to the iPhone launch: opportunistic buyers that have no plans for personal use of the iPhone, only resale at a higher price. As we've seen in recent months with the launch of the Playstation 3 and the Ninetendo Wii, large volumes of iPhones could be bought up by "entrepreneurs" looking to make a fast buck on the upcoming iPhone frenzy.

Clearly the possibility exists that Apple has continued to withhold details about contract requirements from employees at it's own retail outlets as part of an effort to contain as much information about the iPhone prior to launch. Should that be the case, information provided to iPhoneFAQ may be a result of assumptions on the part of these employees due to lack of information, rather than clear indication from Apple that no contract would be required. However, that said, most of the salespeople and managers we spoke with indicated clear knowledge of the no-contract policy. As with everything iPhone, only time will tell.

According to AT&T, purchasing the Apple iPhone at AT&T retail outlets will require a contract with AT&T.



Cellular One Just got bought out by AT&T, so this means they will get the IPhone right?

In Other Europian countries and Asia u can get a iphone without contract they dont have fucking At&t over and so can u over here At&t jus wanna rip u off by sighning a 2 year deal

Thats not true mate, in European contries souch as England and Ireland you have to sign up for an 18month O2 contract...

I can confirm previous posters point.

Here in Ireland , you have to sign up to an 18 month 02 contract

The price for the basic 8gb model is 399 euro / 629 dollars
If you take 02's basic tariff for the set 18 mths it will cost you 815 euros / 1286 dollars

So for a basic iphone in ireland on a basic contract the total cost is 1214 / 1916 dollars assuming you stick to the tariffs messaging / data restrictions for every month of the 18 month contract

A colleague of mine bought his Iphone 8gb model in 2007 in the apple store in NYC He did not get the AT&T contract although the sim card was in the phone when he brought it home to ireland. Another colleague unlocked the Iphone for him and he is now using it on Vodafone network in ireland.

I want to buy an iPhone in the US as a gift for someone in India.
Will I be able to do the same?

The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. Apple has announced the new iPhone 3GS few days back & claims that it’s 2X fater than the old iPhones & comes with 3.2MP camera capable of recording videos. With this announcement . Price of iPhone 3G S without contract are 40,000 thousand respectively for in other like airtl ,Vodafne. bigc mobile store they are giving for 49 thousand check now >
cont no:09591039909

I am from Ireland and I'm traveling to Australia for a year and want to get an iphone. I'm stopping off in Hong Kong and could but one there. I'll want to use it in Australia and also when I return to Ireland (as prepaid)- will this be possible??Can I use skype on an iphone?? Any advice on which model I should get?? Thanks

idon´t you think that you can unlock the new iphone soon after it is released!

it didn´t take a long time to unlock the last one and if you can buy it without a contract in the apple stores you only have to unlock it with some software.
i have many friends who bought an iphone in us without contract and unlocked it here in europe! that was relatively easy!


I am very disappointed with the price of the iPhones. A new customer can get the iphone for 199.00. Ive had Cingular/AT&T for 8 years now and I will have to pay 400 for it because I am not eligible for an upgrade for another year. They offer an early upgrade for $75.00 on other phones but the iPhone is excluded. So basically I am being punished for being a customer all these years.
Anybody know how to get around this?

you may be eligible by now but if you ever have that problem again just add a line to your account and then drop the old phone after your contract is up because if your eligible for 75 dollars your pretty close to end the contract...

could anyone plz tell me where can i get iphone for $199 without contract ?

Just go to this web WWW.KSL.COM in go to classifiets you will find 1 there....

Ok, You Can Buy One With Contract and Cancel It And Still Cost Less Than Buying It Without Contract

you dumb ass mort that's what contracts are for so you don't cancel and get a cheap or free phone fool

can i buy a iphone without contract in US? i can unlock the phone though.


Although we now know that there are PAYG Iphone, they are stupidly priced!

Sort it out Apple!

do u really have to have a contract cuz my mate siad u dont?

i wanna get iphone 3G for my sister in VietNam so i dont want to have contact how can i make it?

i’m selling my iphone 4G 32GB, definitely authentic, openline to all
network,price is negotiable. pm me if you’re interested.

What is AT&T telling you people? I just had my friend from Hawaii buy me the iphone 3gs 32gig non activated. I just had to get it jailbroken. I have my sim card in it & it's working great.

I am lost about the locked part, does it mean that you haveto unlock it to useanother service?I have an at&t sim card but dont want to sign a new contract

i searched in internet a lot for how to get iphone without contract, and did step by step, but it did work.
i love to have one but i do not like to sign in contract
could you show me how to buy it without contract practically, please
thanks a lot

I am from Ireland and I'm traveling to Australia for a year and want to get an iphone. I'm stopping off in Hong Kong and could but one there. I'll want to use it in Australia and also when I return to Ireland (as prepaid)- will this be possible??Can I use skype on an iphone?? Any advice on which model I should get?? Thanks

well, im under the age of 18 . but i would like a said how much is it. but the thing is i cant afford to pay a bill plus i cant get a contract so what do i do?? what is the price if you just buy it with on contract and can you but like a vreizon phone card and put minutes on it that way??

dear sir
i am from pakistan
i want to buy i phone cell 3gs 16 gb or 32 gb or 8 gb
can u tell me prices

I want the iPhone 4G so bad when it comes out but I have Virgin Mobile phone service and one of the phones already. I can't switch to AT&T >:(

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