White iPhone 4 Almost Here: Best Buy Display Ready

Engadget is reporting that shelf space, tagged and ready for the white iPhone 4, has been spotted at Best Buy. Rumors of late have indicated that the white iPhone 4 was nearing its debut, after remaining elusive since the release of its black counterpart last summer. As the image below clearly shows, Best Buy is preparing to stock and sell the white iPhone in the near future.

white iphone 4 shelf spotted best buy

Further reports to Endgadget have revealed that Canadian retailer The Source is also making room on its shelves for the white iPhone 4. The Source is the Canadian version of Radio Shack in the states.

As the Best Buy shelf tag above depicts, the white iPhone 4 will be sold at the same non-contract price as the black iPhone 4. The safe assumption is that subsidized contract prices for the white iPhone will also follow suit with the black iPhone 4.

There is still no indication on exactly when the white iPhone 4 will make its debut, but with bricks and mortar retailers already preparing display space for the device, it is not a stretch to assume white iPhones will be in the hands of patient customers before long.

[via Engadget]