Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

UPDATE: You can now download older versions of apps from the App Store. Try it out, and let us know if it worked for you.

No. Apple is officially leaving the iPhone 3G behind to run iOS 4.2.1 firmware forever. No more updates for the iPhone 3G will be forthcoming.

If you haven't updated to iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone 3G you can find iPhone 3G firmware files here. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (AT&T only) will support iOS 4.3.


You got that rite !! It's all about $$ tho, they do that on purpose to FORCE people to buy new hardware....try'n to create repeat customers. I can't believe they didn't ever think it would infuriate people enough to never wana buy their crap agin tho. Very narrow-sighted & bad judgement on their part ! I just bought this 3G from someone on FB a couple wks ago & now I kno y she wantd to unload it so fast.... I'm def going to investigate th Android market now as much as possible. If anyone has any slick developer tricks that can bypass Apple's cut-throat, robber-baron programming tactics....lemme kno.... Like if it's possible to install a fix / patch to enable 3G to interface w/ higher OS's....

jailbreak it with whitedOOr and it will put ios 6 on it for u fk apple jailbreaking is the way forward

Never will android stop you from downloading apps from the is a fuck up!

idiot so u think this is ok for bthem to do sell u a phone that apps worked on to find one day the wont work anymore without any compensation????????

At least samsung allows us all to use what ever carrier sim card to we want to use. Dude Android rocks apple sucks check the latest statistic regarding mobile OS apple is shit.

Do you really think a galaxy S3 and an iphone 4 have the same hardware capabilities!?!?! hahahah, the S3 has waayy more RAM, a much faster processor and a bigger screen. If your gonna argue that they are the same at least learn how to do it, because attempting to convince people that they have the same hardware capabilities is simply not true.

fuck apple and any thing related to it..and is there a place to rate "idiot phone" minus 5 stars

if u can afford a samsung galaxy s3 then why the hell did u buy an iphone 3G in the first place?
the 3GS supports all the latest versions of iOS.
and as for android, half the phones cant be updated to the latest firmwares. they cant even go beyond 3.0

i have a samsung galaxy ace and an iphone 3g,i bought the 3g because i was expecting it to be better than my samsung and in all honestly samsung beats the shit out of apple regarding that the ace is a crap phone anyways,i am able to download apps such as facebook,and a samsung galaxy s3 is better than an iphone anyday,the apps on the samsung run smoothly even though the are on 3.0 its better than the apples apps,you dont have to pay for like 80% of the apps on samsung so i think id rather buy a samsung even if you cant afford it,simply because you'll get more usage from the samsung than the iphone as samsung arnt upgraded their firmwire for another 2-3 years so its safe to say you'll get more out of a samsung than you ever would from an iphone

As for me, I will never ever buy another dumb Ass Apple product again in my lifetime! I hate Apple! To me IPhone stands for Idiotphone! I would never buy another one, again. I am throwing mine in the garbage, too!

I wouldn't give a penny for another one!

dude, i understand you and i vote for your comment with all four paws! so true, i can't even download fucking facebook!

nope! cannot dl facebook because it needs ios5..what garbage I'm putting the sim card back into my android apply..ugh never MIND!it was a waste of money I should have just asked first..serves me right I guess, I never trusted apple I hate their business practices and how they make their real customers buy the latest phone/device because they obsolete them sometimes in less than 6 months..imagine coming in and buying a device 2 weeks priot to the planned obsolescence? goodbye lesson learned.

I'm just as pissed as you, bro! I'm tossing my 3G to the garbage, kissing Apple's ass goodbye and getting myself a nice little Android phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 ;) Way to take care of your customers, Apple!

Agree man, apple is leaving their customers behind

Fk iPhone, after almost 5 months I was finally able to repair my iphone 3 screen.. restored its os to 4.2.1, because it was cracked by falling off my hand. Now suddenly I can't install anything in this fking phone.. I was really fking proud of my iphone back then, i wanted to upgrade to iphone 4 or 5.. but now I just fkin hate it. all the important apps like facebook, whats app, viber everything not installing in this phone.. what the fk should i do now? what on earth can happen if you morons let bunch of let bunch of people let use use these softwares in old iphone... ? thank god samsung and lg is coming up with good smartphones.. I never want to use iphones again.. i am switching to samsung or lg phones.. fk apple.

I just paid 150 dollars for an I Phone 3G and i cant use it, Apple Should rot in hell

They got you. That phone has been out for about 2 or 3 years and it is not worth that. You could have got a iphone 4 for about $50 to $100.

it's right

Yeah , begining whit ex boss mr. steve jobs . i saw the movie and i hate the guy even more .

so if ypou verified your phone these issue would go away then?? if so why nmot verify I too have had nothing but problems wo\ith what I was excited to have gotten the I phone for about 2days I could not get it to do anything at all including getting a activation to even use the thing. it took 4 months and about 150 in out of pocket cost not it is verified and things are now starting to work I have used the I tunes for the first time since owning it. I have tried to pawn it off on someone else for I thought maybe I was not smart enough to operate the darn thing I will give this one last chance to redeem itself as a useful tool I just got a Chrome book and am having issues to make them compatiable any suggestions would be a great help if there are any none haters out there.If I can't get it working I too will have to revert back to the samsung , I had a Galixy and I loved it !!! then it jumped in to a bucket of water. 6months later had a guy fix it and and he stold it that is what prompted me to buy this iphone 3 from game stop.

i know whatthe fuck are you supposed to do with the 3g thats bullshit

It should be illegal mate. Its no longer fit for purpose. When I bought an iphone for all t6hat cash i was not told the apps wouldnt work after a time.
Conning gits.

I agree i need a new phone, but it wont be apple i go with next time. Samsung

Because Samsung is going to support you for beyond a year?
Please. They roll out 50 new phones a year, most don't run the latest Android.
All manufacturers (yes Apple included), do this to make MONEY!
No one is better or worse. Deal with it. It's business and if you want to play with technology, you have to play by their rules and pay every few years.

but apps are stilled supported on older os you idiot. you can still have a froyo operating system and run facebook. That is why apple sucks.

Yes but with most android phones you can root and run latest software, I have HTC HD2 now running Jellybean or Windows 8, I also have a 3g on 4.2.1, the HD2 is not much younger than the 3g. As for Iphone 4 being comparable to Galaxy 3 get a life, the iphone 5 does not come close. Sorry IPhones are overpriced and overhyped.

Listens folks, the 3G has been out for what , 3 years? The Galaxy has been out for a year? What the heck did you expect? Buy a new phone and get over it. Anyone who is buying a 3 today should think about what they are doing!!!! Why buy a 3 year old phone???? Even if it is "new", it is still 3 years old! Think of the technology advances that have occurred during that time, just in smartphones. Am sure you didn't buy the 3 from Apple today. Go get your money back!

I am sure you are upset, but be upset at yourself, not at Apple. They come out with new phones for a reason. Think about it. It is not Apples fault, they have come out with new phones so that the phone would support new technology and new applications.

Before you slam them, think about what YOU are doing.

You are right Apple is great!!!!
They leave space for a new company that will find a way to sale devices that will not have future restrictions caused by updates. Updates given on business reasons only!!!!
The new company will get all customers that are upset by the business strategies that Apple and others are using just to get our money out of our pockets.
I understand technology evolution might cause part of the problem and updates have to eliminates old apps, but for sure not all the useful apps we "need" to use.

So, let see if a company is smart enough to fight these unfair updates.

On technology point of view, I have no clues on how skype, whatsapp or viber works, but I dont understand why these apps could work on smartphones 4 years ago and can't be used today (on iPhone 3G for example)? I believe smartphones 4 years ago were not as powerfull as today's smartphones, but they could do the job. So ?

fuck you!

all of you need to stop throwing your iphones in the garbage (it's bad for the environment) and throw them at an apple store instead.

This apple is just doesnot allow me even to use fb!!!! Aahhhh!! This is so shit!!
I wanna hit this phone on the head of that stupid fellow, who developd rubbish idea of leavin behind 3G