Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

UPDATE: You can now download older versions of apps from the App Store. Try it out, and let us know if it worked for you.

No. Apple is officially leaving the iPhone 3G behind to run iOS 4.2.1 firmware forever. No more updates for the iPhone 3G will be forthcoming.

If you haven't updated to iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone 3G you can find iPhone 3G firmware files here. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (AT&T only) will support iOS 4.3.


You cant expect to have a phone that came with Noah out the arc to perform exaclty the same functions as brand new Iphones...Now you want to blame apple because you dont want to upgrade? You're gonna have the same problems with Android if thats what you expect...

It is not about the willigness to upgrade but the possibility. It is NOT possible to upgrade to a newer version with a Iphone 3G. On the one hand maybe it is worth to sue Apple because they do not deliver the options they promissed. On the other hand, it is really THE reason to leave the Apple universe. Sorry, Apple no more!

You can't sue Apple because they won't support a device forever. When did they ever promise you a software update passed 4.2?

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Today it's iphone3 trust me the latest iPhone will someday have the same problem!

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When I bought my phone and apps, I was not told they would be redundant in a years time! Or the pouch i carry it in.
Its a con man and you know it. I hope someone does challenge them in court, because it is no longer fit for purpose. So why buy another apple to find yourself in the same place in a year?
They should update them for free to genuine customers who've been with them as a good will gesture. Cant imagine there's that many left still on contract.

I could afford to update, but don't like the shape of the 4 and the 5 is even worse! i ain't paying for that.

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I didn't see any comments about expecting a 3G to run exactly the same as anything. I do see people wanting ONE MORE update. That isn't asking a lot. Not everybody has the money to throw away on iphone 5's just to be able to use an app that CAN run on the 3G given they allowed to update to the 4.3 version rather than 4.2. If releasing one last update will appease many users why not do it for the simple act of customer retention. The fact they refuse to do so only dissuades customers from wanting to move on to the newer phones when they can afford it because this shows once the new fad of the week device is released their phone will become essentially useless. Apple is just pushing customers away. I understand it's hard for them to care when so many people think the way you do and will throw out the money to get the newer crap. Some of us don't need the extra flash. We just want to use a basic app and the only thing holding us back is apple being assholes. We aren't blaming apple because we don't want to upgrade, we're blaming them because we do. Buying a new phone is not the same as upgrading. That's like saying windows 7 was an upgrade of XP. It was just a tweaked version of XP with such minimal changes it wasn't worth the change. As is such with apple.

my apps worked yesterday---today i synced my apps and lost many. why don't apple leave well enough alone. if i had a working app and apple removes it or disables it---rip off!!!!!

You ignorant dick! I have a Nokia 2730 and even that has apps for facebook ect, this is just the money hungry arrogant Apple, making it virtually pointless owning and old model so that your forced to buy the newer one! Fuck Apple

I was leaning towards it being natural to try and move things forward. But you bring up an excellent point. Its strange why Apple clear out all the applications that were compatible with iOS 4.2.1 and prior and no longer make them available when people like nokia keep the apps out their that are compatible with specific devices.

It's not the fact that we are expecting it to run as new as the iPhone 5 but all my favorite apps I used are no longer able to download on the iphone3. Mind you, The iPhone 3 Was the very first phone I downloaded facebook & instagram on, & now we apparently need ios 4.3 for them to be downloaded? That's a bunch of bull because just several weeks ago I had ALL my favorite apps to work on this phone including facebook, iBooks, instagram, paypal etc.. & now I get NONE! thys just a rip! >:|

That's rubbish. You wont have the same problems with android phones that's the whole point of a android phone most things are free to download. They don't have the same Apple copyright crap.
Apple are con artists, they only want your money, once they have it they will give you no support.
Apple phones supported the old apps before they can do it again.

This is BS!
I updated Apps on iTunes, but it couldn't install on my phone due to iOS 4.2.1.
Then I restored my phone (because it was lagging), but now I can't install any Apps due to the fact that Apps require iOS 4.3
The least they could do is to provide compatible versions for us losers without the latest tech.
This is compulsory consumerism and I'm not buying in.
So long Apple, you're dead to me. I hope your stock prices fall and the company goes bankrupt.
Long live Samsung.

There stocks have fallen from 700 dollars to around 430 now so the power is with us if we stand together.

Your choice of words tells me something about you. there, their or they're I really don't want to stand together with that type slaughtering of the English language. Yes it shows.................

I couldn't agree more. I can't stand the arrogance of the rotten apple - combined with att is even worse, my "unlimited data" is apparently very limited once you reach the limit of the "unlimitness". Doesn't make sense, I know. This is a typical case for anti-trust/class action law suite. So now I have an unlocked att 3G iphone (following att's own instructions) which I can use with any compatible network but cannot upload any apps that were on that phone before i restored it.. what gives? Is this supposed to encourage me to get a new iphone? get a new phone with att? i can't wait for verizon's x8 microsoft's phone (i can't believe i'm actually waiting on a microsoft product... haha). as for the old phone, if i ever got to meet apple's new ceo or att's i'd shove it up their ass (literally).

i'm in the same boat dude, my boyfriend got me the apple iphone 3g cause my android i had was a piece of junk and now i cant download any apps i had on my android and was able to on it cause i dont have the ios 4.3 and cant upgrade it. it's completley retarded to not be able to upgrade it unless u have the 3gs apple iphone or newer...makes no freakin sence, but there is a way to get it on you 3g buy jailbreaking your fone, u can go on youtube and type in "jailbreaking iphone 3g to upgrade to ios 4.3" to get your 3g to the ios 4.3...that is the only solution i have found...good luck!

Totally agree with you MAD! its stupid and certainly not FAIR at all and everybody who now has the iphone 3g that cannot be used for main things like apps etc should all be refunded or even giving 3gs so at least we can still have recent APPs to download

Omfg!!! You guys are sooo stupid!! Idiots!!! You plug it into your computer and then go onto the iTunes Store and download the 4.3 thing!! Is that too hard for your tiny little pea brains to handle!!!?? If you don't have a computer, why are you wasting your time buying an iPhone instead!!??

The 3G won't run 4.3, that's the point.