Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

UPDATE: You can now download older versions of apps from the App Store. Try it out, and let us know if it worked for you.

No. Apple is officially leaving the iPhone 3G behind to run iOS 4.2.1 firmware forever. No more updates for the iPhone 3G will be forthcoming.

If you haven't updated to iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone 3G you can find iPhone 3G firmware files here. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (AT&T only) will support iOS 4.3.


Apple seriously sucks. I have had a Apple 3G and it sucked. It got slower and slower with all the updates that come out. I too decided to leave the old 3G behind and move to Samsung Galaxy S2. Best move i have ever made. Had two updates so far and all they have done is improve the phone rather than slow it down.
You Apple lovers make me laugh. They say that it is better to purchase a Apple MAC rather than a PC as the Mac will out last any PC. Shame they have not done this with their phone market. These things are just massive revenue for them and all you Apple lovers keep fueling them and lining their pockets for the next naff release.
Seriously, is the iPhone 5 really the best they can come up with. My wife loves the iPhone's due to their simplicity. She has had a 3G, 4 and was looking at the iPhone 5 for her next one, but she took one look at it and said nah, nothing is new other than the extra row of icons. OK it does have a better CPU but really, it looks the same.
Oh and least you can customize a Android phone to your liking rather than being governed by Apple to what you can and can't do on your phone.

Not to mention all the information and videos etc of all yiur precious memories that disappears with the app, because they wont sync properly with the video players on pc.s

Apple are just American, money grabbing, moral delinquents.

Apple thinks that they are encouraging us to buy an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G/4GS, or iPhone 5 but they are actually encouraging us to buy an android device. Suck this Apple. Like the other guy said WE all hope your company goes bankrupt and shit because you pissed all of us off. Apple really has the worst customer service in the world. Yeah I know that an iPhone 3 can't be updated to be like an iPhone 4 and shit but atleast have apps that support it. Last words: Apple I hope that your company explodes from a huge meat truck, you all die in hell, and u get sued. Really last word: if all the iPhone product goin to like this u shud just give everyones money back, MOTHER FUCKERS PIECE OF SHIT copy cats, I'm really pissed off.

yes....we all to change our apple iphone to another like samsung..............fuck apple

Give App Support to iPhone 3GS!!!!


Androids and droid, even the cheap straight talk droids are better than this iphone 3g i just got...i could download any app i wanted on my piece of crap android i had and then i get this apple iphone 3g and cant even download the facebook app cause i cant upgrade to ios 4.3 unless i have a 3gs or newer iphone? ridiculous man, not fair at all. why wouldnt they let the 3g b able to update to 4.3? i just dont understand....ik u can "JailBreak" your 3g and be able to update it to the 4.3 but there are risks or whatever and i dont wanna F up my fone...I think apple should redo their crap and make our 3gs able to upgrade to the 4.3 or all of us "poor" folk will go back to droids cause we cant afford the pricey new iphones! I hope Apple reviews all this and does something about it yo!! FO REAL

This will also happen with 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5 as time passes. So they will eventually be useless phones. Terrible mistake... by Apple, I am leaving them to sink with their choices. Abandon them and stay with open source and modern OS(es). Apple, you throw my Iphone 3G to garbagge I throw you out of my digital life.

Well,that's a big mistake Apple is making.loosing all customers.
In Africa,most people are still using 3G.
why writing it off so soon.
no more supporting whatsapp and Viber

be smart, get back at them with jailbrake
Or do like I do, don't buy anything from itunes store but download from torrentsites. You have hundreds or even thousands of apps for you like this...

for freeeeeee :)

They fuck us, we fuck them, right!!!

Everytime they do shit like that I download programs... Just to get back at them.

I downloaded Logic 9 and mainstage from a good torrent site (private though) and jeeeey that's about 230 bucks I fucked them with...
I also downloaded Leopard and snow Leopard.

Now it's time for Lion!!!

And as long as they fuck me, I'll fuck them for sure...

What a cute and nice little world isn't it :) :) :)

I guess wherever Jobs is now, he must be thinking:
'shit, why was I fucking them for the big bucks again, I can't remember...'

so can these crappy 3g's be jailbroken to get an upgrade in order to download apps? is that possible?

I am an only iPhone, in a family of Droids. Do you know what dinner and family gatherings are like for me? With no upgrades?! My family saying they are better than me. They can do this, they can do that because of the apps and upgrades they can and would get. I was so excited for being an Apple. Now I just stay locked away in the closet in my own little world.

fuck apple and fuck them hard especially in their goddam asses!!

Man fuck rolling with the oranges...I got all my info in this bullshit as phone...tryna bag me upI a corner to by a new phone...I aint no rat...I just get to the cheese!

then why was steve job glorified for this iphone thing? we been cheated..switchin to samsung..

All Apps that I want to Download is not compatible to my iphone 3g. It sucks!!

I asked them directly to give me a good reason why they pulled the rug from under the feet of good honest people by ending the support for iphone 3g.
All i got was shit not one of them on Apple's site could give a valid reason .
Have your say..

Post should i put iphone in the bin

I think this is what we should be doing is putting this up on Facebook or where ever and make sure that people know that bying apple product that maybe in three years just like ihone3g there new iPad won't be able to receive apps Because iPhone doesn't really give a shit about the working man he only thinks about the money thet can make by deleting one of his previous sister 3G iphone and trying to get another one of there products.
Come on let's get it out there more people stop buying from hem maybe they will get the message.

When you finish complaining about Apple maybe you should start on Microsoft for not giving updates on Windows 95 / 98 / ME editions anymore, lots of companies stop giving updates for old appliances, instead of moaning about it buy another phone and shut up!

You dick, windows 95 was over 15 years ago. Some phone providers were still palming off the 3g new not even 2 years ago.

Yeah its ok I got a iphone 4s, but wait that 900 bucks i spent will be obsolete soon enough.

Apple can go fuck themselves, wish I hadn't bought that ipad now.

We are not complaining that we need NEW apps.We want to use and install the OLD apps.
Apple has REMOVED the older versions so people have to buy new Iphones if they want to use apps.
You can download working programs for win95,XP,vista... on the web!!!!!! Of course there are no updates BUT you CAN download OLD applications.
You can download old android apps on new android phones.
When you have an OLD android phone you can download OLD android apps.

Fuck Apple

Dude the people of earth can understand that cause that was 10 years ago's windows iphone 3g is only 6 years old

Well did MS stop apps that you have bought stop working on the old device? No they did not they just stopped supporting an operating system.
Did MS take everyones software for win95/me etc of the market. No they didn not nor could they have any say in that because they do not run a propriatary monopoly on applications stores on the web for PC computers.

Actually you are wrong apple is close source while MS is open source which mean that you are limited on updates and many other stuff with apple and mac. As for MS they have tons of unlimited sources to get their update because it is open source. This information i got or understand is for having learn about Linux and other Linux program so I encourage you to learn your open and close source. Cause that is why I hate apple. You very very limited and are being watch by apple everyday. Make me think sometimes if they are part of the illumanti.

Completely agree with the people above...

I got an iphone 3g for my mom as she doesn't need anything more.

But it sucks that I can't download the simplest app like WhatsApp for her just because I can not update to 4.3

And I am pretty sure, whatsapp used to work on iphone 3g before this bs.

Iphones are great phone, but at the end of the day apple is money hungry.

That's why I keep my Blackberry close, RIM has been updating it's old devices like they are new. My dad is using like a 4 year old blackberry, works perfectly fine.. He can download the needed apps, and things that are coming out now, RIM tries its best to make it universally applicable.

I like a company that cares about its customers.. When apple released iphone 4 and people waited hours for it only to find out they weren't able to make phone calls with it.. It didn't do nothing, just gave them a replacement.. When BBM was down once, RIM apologized a million times, and then gave us GOOD apps worth $80+ for free..

WOW! Apple is such a liar! My phone has been having problems for the last few weeks so I went to the apple store, waited an hour before they even started helping me. They told me that my keyboard problems was because I needed to restore my phone, and I asked them to download the 4.3 software since I couldn't do it at home. They came back half an hour later with my phone restored to factory defaults, and they told me that everything should be working and they updated it for me. I came home, and backed up, but I have no applications anymore, nor can I download anything. I checked again and it's still the 4.2 software! I am so mad! I have no more apps! (even the few that still worked with the 4.2 software are gone and I have 0 apps. My phone is now worse than an ipod, and my phone contract still has 5 more months, and I'm paying $60 per month. THIS JUST SUCKS!



Personnellement, je viens d'acquérir aujourd'hui (10/12/2012) un Iphone 3G d'occasion à 50 Eur et il me suffit amplement... Je m'explique. A vouloir toujours poursuivre l'évolution technologique de tous les fabricants est illusoire et une course contre une "chimère"... Un cas concret pour vous exprimer ma pensée.

Mon fils de 16 m'a sollicité l'achat neuf d'un Iphone 5 pour remplacer son vieux LG mobile tactile déjà équipé d'un abonnement mobile. Je lui ai prêté une heure ce Iphone 3G pour voir comment il réagirait. Et quelle surprise ! Il m'a fait tout un cinéma HIGH TECH dégradant dans la continuité de la majorité des propose postés ici-même. Son argumentation est pertinente, car lorsque j'ai vu comment il saisie ses messages à vitesse "Distorsion Star Trek" ! Bien évidemment, je comprends sa frustration quand il me sort ce type de propos: "Papa, regarde comme il "lag" ton Iphone 3! C'est pas possible pour moi d'utiliser ce vieux modèle..."

Donc, OK!, j'ai compris et remballé mon Iphone 3G que j'ai finalement gardé pour moi.

Pourquoi? Je suis en cours de développement d'application Iphone, Ipad et appareils mobiles android etc. L'intérêt pour moi de tester mes futures applications mobiles sur un Iphone 3G sera d'être certain de la compatibilité de mes applications publiées.

En revanche, je peux comprendre que certains soient frustrés de la rupture du processus de mise à jour de la version IOS Iphone 3G. Mais honnêtement, en toute objectivité, Apple fait comme tous les éditeurs de logiciels, à un certain moment donné il ne peut plus assurer un support client entre les derniers appareils vendus comme l'Iphone 5, cela coule de source !

Je pense que d'ici 6 à 8 mois je m'équiperai d'un Iphone 5, car aujourd'hui je viens de m'équiper d'une tablette tactile Asus Eee Pad Transformer que je trouve au passage EXPLOSIVE !!! Le combiné tablette tactile et station d'accueil transformant ainsi l'équipement en NetBook est véritablement une évolution majeure de cet Android!

J'avais déjà testé un Ipad 2 et 3 en qualité de testeur privé pour le compte d'Apple Europé basé à Londres, et je peux vous certifier que mon bialn est SANS APPEL !!! Je n'achèterai JAMAIS un IPAD 2 ou 3 !!! Asus Eee Pad transformer EXPLOSE !! tous les IPAD, tant au niveau rapport qualité/prix, applicatifs et performance du matériel Android Aus !!! Nul besoin de

Alors pour ceux et celles qui hésite entre un IPAD 2 ou 3 posez-vous la question de votre besoin au préalable car IPAD possède de gros inconvénients comme le lecteur Flash Player inexistant !! Ou encore une flopée d'applications payantes !! Eee Pad Transformer d'Asus a un grand volume d'application gratuite !!! Cool !! Tout est fluide et automatique !!

point important !!! Eee Pad Transformer d'Asus est au somment de la compatibilité avec Iphone et tout équipement mobile !!! Sa mise à jour OS est d'une simplicité époustouflante !!! Absolument rien à faire! tout est automatique! pas besoin de se connecter sur un serveur ou se poser la question de la version à installer etc..!! La procédure de restauration de l'OS et des datas est aussi hallucinante !! Mode automatique en toute transparence durant l'utilisation de la tablette tactile Android !!!

Le seul petit bémol, en cours de réparation par le DEV Asus, est le mode saisie qui en fonction de votre paramétrage de la tablette provoque quelques "décalage" due au mode paramétré de la correction automatique et de la réactualisation des informations connexions réseaux visualisées sur l'écran qui génèrent des "micros coupures"...

Bien à vous,

You guys & girls are a bunch of whiners. Let's get this straight, you are complaining that Apple screwed you. You were the ones that bought the 3G. This model is officially 4 models old. It was release back in July 2008. That is an eternity in smartphone time. Go ahead get that Android and see how long it's supported. Things are no different. If you don't buy the most current model phone your upgrades will be limited.

Smartphones are for smart people. You folks should stick with the regular old cell phones.

Who rattled your cage!! no if you listen WE BOUGHT 3G THINKING IT WOULD LAST US TILL IT BROKE ! PEOPLE CANT AFFORD TO BUY /UPGRADE PHONES WE DONT EXPECT THEM TO ONLY LAST 4 MODELS OLD! Basically no good now is what we are all saying you IDIOT! when buying a phone it should last you till it is broke (wear and tear) through old age not because newer models have come out and for apple to not bother with there first sh*T! its like telling people in 4 models down the line all you people buying iphone 5 it will be no good and nothing will work ..

Who rattled your cage!! no if you listen WE BOUGHT 3G THINKING IT WOULD LAST US TILL IT BROKE ! PEOPLE CANT AFFORD TO BUY /UPGRADE PHONES WE DONT EXPECT THEM TO ONLY LAST 4 MODELS OLD! Basically no good now is what we are all saying you IDIOT! when buying a phone it should last you till it is broke (wear and tear) through old age not because newer models have come out and for apple to not bother with there first sh*T! its like telling people in 4 models down the line all you people buying iphone 5 it will be no good and nothing will work ..