Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

Can I update to iOS 4.3 firmware on the iPhone 3G?

UPDATE: You can now download older versions of apps from the App Store. Try it out, and let us know if it worked for you.

No. Apple is officially leaving the iPhone 3G behind to run iOS 4.2.1 firmware forever. No more updates for the iPhone 3G will be forthcoming.

If you haven't updated to iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone 3G you can find iPhone 3G firmware files here. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (AT&T only) will support iOS 4.3.


ooo bolshit then what to do for the applications

This is bull crap I got a iPhone 3G for Christmas and I was so happy I finally got one and know I can't do jack with it can't even download temple run screw you apple

What is the big deal about a 5 year old phone becoming obsolete? yes it was expensive.. so was my first big LCD 5 years ago now that's obsolete with LED smart TVs it's the way technology advances. If we all kept iphone 3 we would not know of the new technological breakthroughs which we see in new devices like Retina screens for true HD (let alone the fact the company would go bust if no one bought their products). How is your camera on the 3g? What about the photos in the dark? Is Siri good on the 3g? (because it lacks the hardware that wasn't produced back then, before you blame apple). Good wifi speeds on a 3g?

Get with the times, man up and invest or shut up.

How's that make sense, u bought a tv 5 years ago i would hope it still works today

There should be something done with apple coz what's the point in buying an iPhone 3g when it first came out only to find out that apple is not now supporting it anymore
And you can not use the phone for what you paid all that money for.
It's about time apple started to support the ppl that supported apple in the earlyer days not just the ppl that buy the new phones

Everybody hurt, yes it is...
I have iPhone 3Gs, and know is useless, most new app will no longer support this device
i know how device and software work, I know how to program and make a software
there is actually always workaround for apple to still support the iPhone 3G, but they wont do it because they expect you to buy the new one.

just a simple like that
we can move to other device such as samsung / any android phone, they will not support their device forever but at least they will handle situation like this better

right now I'm ordering new android smart phone (not samsung) but I see the hardware specs is much better than iPhone and its Jelly Bean ready on it

idiot 3g at last end to bin haizzz...waste a wages...danm!!

even windows support a OS about 10-15 years. Thats why iphone sucks. Simple apps like Whatsapp can be supported, instead of that they turn our phones a garbage. sory for english.

I want my phone upgraded to 4.5


Yes after paying the contract I find myself not being able to down load apps very disappointed and just cant afford to take out another contract ........ very cunning indeed now i dont enjoy my iphone ....Apple u have let ur customers down

hi i ve iphone 3g with ios 4.2.1 and i m not able to download any apps , every tm error comes not comp with this ios pls download ios how to upgrade 4.2.1 to 4.3. no updates in itunes

pls help me

hi.. my ios is 4.2.1, how can i download ios 6?

I had to get my 4s repaired, using old 3g now, all the apps work, just cant update them, facebook works, there is nothing that does not work.

Thats the point you bellend, you are using an old, un updated phone. after peeps are tricked into updating their phones they then find that none of their apps work ....

I was given an older iPhone 3G in Feb. 2013 by a friend who had upgraded. It took me a week or so to get it unlocked and working on the WalMart Family Mobile plan, but once I did, it works just AMAZINGLY well! Maybe I am just not too picky about so many apps, but I have Pandora working fine, some utilities, some games, a few books and yes, even Facebook working on this 3G. You just have to access Facebook Mobile through Safari, not the Apple FB app - and it works perfectly.

Yes, most apps I try to download from the Apple store won't work, but with patience, I always find one or two that gives me what I want - you just have to be persistent. I am thrilled and happy to have been blessed with this. I am saving to buy a 4 when I can, but so far, this 3G is working great!

I believe Apple wants us to use our iPhone 3G just as a normal phone and a multimedia player, nothing more than that. Even the basic apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. require an upgrade to iOS 4.3 or above. If anyone from Apple is keeping a track of this forum, they should know the reason by now that why 75% of the current smartphone buyers have shifted to Android.
Apple sucks...!!!

I hope a genius creates an OS that could replace the IOS of Apple & completely run this iPhone 3. It may be soon!

The 3G was released in 2008. That's five years ago, so quit bitching you fucking retards.

Hi all. I had the same problem with a 3G I was given the other day, but got all the "old" apps from another PC and copied them over to the /Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications directory on my laptop with the authorizations for my machine from my children (the apps were theirs). Then thru iTunes just started loading them with no problems. Hope this helps and more knowledgeable folks can fill in the gaps.

I'm crushed I was given this phone to nd come to find out I can't get candy crush I'm so disappointed.

this is my first "smart phone" and it is anything but. i know it is older but that is no excuse for apple leaving it behind. for what it is worth this will be my first and last iphone. android up.

I want a refund for all the apps i have bought for my 3G apple!!!! I spent a fortune on the apps and now I cannot use any. Fkin robbing 8astards.

WTF so meaning to say iPhone 3g is just a garbage compared to iPhone 3gs tsk I'm so unlucky for getting this iPhone 3g blah blah blah I can't even download any nice apps . I'm really disappointed for buying this shit off Uhmmmmm Can we request to realease the version 4.3 ?? Since were all using iPhone 3g plllllsssssss release the version 4.3 we really want it

Iphone 3gs which was made in 2009. Apple still support... 90% apps of app store are supported.
Can anyone tell me any other 2009 phone to be supported in 2013 or even in 2012

who is gay ??

If you have an old version of an application for your iPhone 3G, you can download it here:

for the people here who say that iphone is shit.. and the apple company.. i had many iphones all versions beginning from the 2g.. .. before i buy 5s a say i try samsung s4 and the android i was curious.. what can i say.. after 2 week i selled.. i will never buy again not even the phone is not enough good.. but the android is a laggy bullshit ..a lot of phones use the android.. it lags.. have to touch 2 -3 times to react.. even on the s4.. ... samsung will never will be better than an iphone.. and android will never beat ios .. the problem is that a lot of idiot people dont see the small details that makes apple better than all.. and cant see the differences..

I also think it is stupid how we can't download many apps because of apple just ditching us iphone 3S owners.

is IOS 6 compatiable to iphone 3gs, will it work properly ???
need urgent help fellows .......

Yep what a shame....I like apple, but not as much now. We were given this phone as a hand me down. The wife went to buy an app she wanted and it said that it was not supported by the ios version. I tried to update....and you know the rest....You just lost a sale apple, well done