Apple Updates iPhone iOS on AT&T (4.3.2) and Verizon (4.2.7)

Apple has released the latest firmware files for iOS devices containing bug fixes and security updates. Verizon iPhone 4 owners were not left out of the fun this time, getting their own iOS 4.2.7 updates specifically for the CDMA device. Those experiencing blank or frozen FaceTime video issues should find that the firmware update fixes these problems.

iOS 4.3.2 firmware update iTunes Verizon 4.2.7

Both iPhone 4 and iPad 2 owners reported the FaceTime issue was affecting Apple devices running iOS 4.3. Another issue that was widely reported in the news was a connectivity problem causing issues with the iPad connecting to 3G networks.

According to Apple, a fix for the 3G connection problems is also included in the latest update. iOS 4.2.7 doesn't seem to have many major changes, however Verizon customers will be happy to know they get the latest security updates and bug fixes as well. AT&T iPhone owners have seen their version of the iOS mobile operating system updated more than once since the launch of the Verizon model.

The iOS 4.3.2 update is compatible with the following devices:

- iPhone 4 (GSM on AT&T)
- iPhone 3GS
- iPad 2
- iPad
- iPod touch 3rd generation
- iPod touch 4th generation

The iOS 4.2.7 update is compatible with the iPhone 4 (CDMA on Verizon). The correct version of the firmware for your device will appear in iTunes automatically when your hardware is connected to the computer and you proceed with an update.

Complete security update information can be found at Apple for both the iOS 4.3.2 and the iOS 4.2.7 updates. Webkit, QuickLook and Certificate Trust Policy were all patched in both versions of the firmware. Still no word on whether or not these updates contain any battery life improvements for those who have found their battery to run down quickly after installing iOS 4.3.

Apple was the source of many other software releases this week, as the company launched the new iOS firmwares along with security updates for Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Leopard Server, a new version of Safari (5.0.5) and Xcode (4.0.2) for developers.


Sound isn't working after 4.2.7 update. Not ringing, no keyboard sound, no game sounds. iTunes plays, though?