Apple Refutes Claims that Android Web Browsing is 50% Faster than iPhone

In an official statement issued yesterday, Apple has refuted the results of a study by -- a mobile optimization company -- which claim that web browsing on Android is 50% faster than on the iPhone. According to Apple, the study's conclusions are invalid because the tests involved failed to test web browsing through the iPhone's Safari browser. Instead, the test evaluated iPhone web browsing speed through the iPhone's embedded browser, a container/tool for displaying web content made available to developers of iPhone web and native applications.

apple says android isn't faster than iphone

Apple has indicated that the embedded iPhone browser does not include the Nitro Javascript engine optimizations which are included in the full Safari browser. It is Apple's contention that this is the browsing experience most utilized by iPhone owners and is most characteristic of the iPhone web browsing experience.

Critics of Apple's response have suggested that Apple is nitpicking, and while's results may not pertain to all browsing on the iPhone, the results are still relevant for apps that include web content, and for iPhone webapps. Since Apple's statement, has revised the title of their study to explicitly refer to the embedded iPhone browser.

[via Operation Android]