How can I increase the volume limit on my iPhone iPod app?

How can I increase the volume limit on my iPhone iPod app?

Sometimes music will not play loudly when using the iPod app on your iPhone. There could be several reasons for this, but one to check is the built-in volume limit setting. The volume limit sets a maximum volume to be output on the speaker or headphone jack, limiting the top volume that can be set using the side volume buttons.

To increase the volume limit on the iPhone:

1. Navigate to Settings -> iPod
2. Check the Volume Limit.
3. If the Volume Limit is OFF the volume is maxed out.
4. When the Volume Limit says ON there is a limit set.
5. To increase the limit touch Volume Limit -> move the slider to the right to increase volume.
6. You can use the Lock Volume Limit to set a passcode that prevents the volume limit from being changed by unauthorized users.

The volume limit helps to prevent dangerous levels of sound from being output to the headphones which could cause hearing damage.



This does not help. We need a real volume booster..especially for podcasts..I can barely hear these people talking..and when I'm riding a NYC subway car...forget it. Even with earbuds..I have to pause because outside noise totally wipes out the sound from my earbuds. Really apple? Why limit my choice to control volume. It's not your responsibility. Plus, later in life when my ears start to go weaker..I'm going to need more volume control.

I can understand the limit on volume.. law suits and all but, it would seem that they could give us something to raise the volume that with agreement of no liability to Apple.

If that is true, why did they not lower the max on iPod or macs?