How to use folders with Voice Memos on iPhone

Voice Memos iOS

Apple continues to add new features to its stock audio recorder Voice Memos. Recordings can be organized into folders thanks to the iOS 14 update. The latest release also includes an Enhance Recording button that automatically improves sound quality. Creating folders to help organize your voice memos only takes a few steps.

Changes to folders in Voice Memos are automatically synced with iCloud if you have enabled iCloud storage for Voice Memos. Once they are created, folders can be renamed or deleted directly in the Voice Memos app.

Follow these instructions to create folders in Voice Memos and move recordings into your custom folders:

Create a folder in Voice Memos

  1. Launch the Voice Memos app
  2. Tap the back arrow to enter the folders screen
  3. Choose the new folder icon at the bottom
  4. Type a name for the new folder and tap Save
  5. The folder appears under My Folders

Move Voice Memos recordings into a folder

  1. From the folders screen, tap All Recordings to show stored voice memos
  2. Choose the Edit button at the top of the screen
  3. Select the voice memos to move. Selected recordings show a blue checkmark
  4. Tap the Move button at the bottom
  5. Select the folder to move voice memos into

Delete a folder in Voice Memos

  1. From the folders screen, tap the Edit button at the top
  2. Tap the red Delete button
  3. Use the More (...) icon to Rename or Delete the folder