Apple iPhones Already Arriving in Stores

Like everything iPhone related, there has a lot of speculation around when the iPhones are actually arriving in stores. The most recently well held notion was that FedEx would deliver shipments during the midday shutdown all Apple and AT&T retail stores are undergoing. Earlier today, the idea that iPhones were arriving during the middle of the night surfaced. As it turns out, it looks like iPhones are already arriving in stores.

Users on MacRumor's forums, who also happen to be Apple/AT&T retail employees have posted a few images of iPhones that have hit the stores and are being unpacked. Additional information out of the ModMyiPhone forums indicates that each AT&T stores may only be getting 30 iPhones.


There's no telling whether these lucky few are simply unboxing and showing off store demo units or will be able to take their personal iPhones home with them. Either way, it's a good thing we all have only have one more day to wait.

Read the original post on MacRumors along with links to the relevant forum threads here.



Only 30 per AT&T store? I hope that's not true. That's exactly what I was worried about.