How do I delete / remove an iPhone app that is stuck installing?

How do I delete / remove an iPhone app that is stuck installing?

Sometimes iPhone applications get stuck waiting or loading when installing. These apps might be frozen with a blank icon and no way to remove them for days. Holding down on the home screen to delete the stuck app won't even show the black circle with an "x" that appears on other icons. Here are instructions on how to delete these waiting applications:

  1. Reboot your iPhone normally. See this link for instructions on how to restart your iPhone.
  2. If the apps are still stuck on the home screen, try logging out of the App Store temporarily. Navigate to Settings -> Store -> Apple ID -> Sign Out. Now open the App Store and Navigate to the Featured section. Scroll to the bottom of the page and touch the Sign In -> Use Existing Apple ID. Log in and the stuck apps should reset.
  3. Still have strange icons on the screen or frozen downloading apps? Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Navigate to the app store. Install the apps you are having a problem with on the computer then sync your iPhone.


I have an app that took update on August 30th and did not open. I restarted my phone a couple of times without much luck. I tried removing the app on itunes from desktop as the app is not visible on the phone. When i tried to get the app again in the appstore on my phone, icloud icon is shown beside the app which is disabled. there is no way I am able to delete or get this app. Now its corresponding site can neither be opened through the app nor through the browser on my iPhone 6plus. Can someone advise me what to do?

Rebooted iPhone- worked 1st time!! App that was stuck installing sorted out straight away! Thanks!! :))

I did steps 1 and 2 and after trying to upload it from the cloud twice it worked!

Thank you for your archived info article on how to remove an app that is stuck installing.

i have your website in my favorites, in my bookmarks, and on my homescreen now

Thank you so much


thank you! the last option worked!

I installed vshare and it froze installing now I hit delete and it won't go away and I can't install it to get it back either

Thank youu so muchh it's working, im so fcking panic

Yay! This worked for me!!!! Thank you!!

Managed to delete some apps with no image that weren't deleting through iFunbox. Went into "Raw File System", then the "Downloads" folder and deleted any that had names similar to "downloads.28.sqlitedb". Then downloaded the suspect apps on itunes (on your computer) and tried to install them. They seemed to cancel each other out.

Thanks for your suggestions! This definitely worked for me: signing out of App Store, then logging in back again, and sync'ing. The stuck app disappeared! And then I could safely delete it from iTunes as well. Great tips!

in addition to #3. after unsuccessful efforts with all of those (plus other suggestions on different websites). what worked for me was to download the app on iTunes. then delete the app, and sync. it would force the iPhone to delete the app that is stuck "waiting." then re-download via iPhone's app store app.

You can try this to delete the app that is stuck (waiting):
Tab: Setting - General - Storage - Manage Storage - Scroll down to find the app - tab the app & delete it.

Thanks Permalink,
Followed your instructions to delete Google maps App on my IPad that was "waiting" and would not respond. I then went to the App Store and down loaded it again. All is now back to normal.

But the app isn't found in my storage, how do i delete it then?

None of this worked. It's just stuck and won't delete, resond or anything. Click on it, it shakes and 'x' pops up press delete and it just stays there.
Any idea how to fix that..

Nothing listed worked, even connecting to itunes, until i found this:

Though the settings. You go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage , then just click on the app you want to get rid of and press delete app.


thank you... 3 hours of hair pulling and your advice nailed it!!!

It works, thank you so are the best!!!

It worked, i'm so happy

i tired all three steps and the app wont move i have deleted it but it when i got on noitficationon settings it says its still there pls help

Thank you so much! This was the answer I needed, been trying for several weeks to get that little app off there. :)

The last option worked for me...thank you!!

I have tried everything, I've read through the comments the general- storage thing didn't work either the apps aren't even showing up in there they are just frozen on the phone and says waiting on the bottom of them, when I go to the app store I try to search them and it says open beside them nothing happens, if anyone has any suggestions please help. And yes I've tried restarting my phone too.

What happens if the app is not even listed ??

Zion thanks. I tried all the previous suggestions. Yours was the only one that worked.

I was quite frustrated not being able to delete the app after trying everything. the issue is it was stuck downloading it. So I went to appstore - find the app - download again. After that it was easy to just delete the shit

Thanks! Once I realized all I had to do was power off my iphone (5c) & turn it back on, the stuck apps went away!

I have to delete Facebook from my iPhone from time to time to reduce the space it takes up before downloading it again from the App Store.
I did this the other day but under Manage Storage it keeps reappearing as 151.4 MB but with a plain black and white icon (not the normal Facebook icon).
When i go to the App Store and search Facebook, it wont let me download it but just says +Open which wont respond.
Any simple solution please?

I have exactly the and problem. Hope yo hear some inputs soon.

Mine was stuck for days, tried this and worked immediately! Thank you!