Fake Your iPhone Location Data with Location Spoofer

Tired of iPhone apps checking your location and limiting features? Now you can trick any or all of the apps on your device into thinking you're somewhere else. Spoof your location data easily with a simply $1.99 app from Cydia available on jailbroken iPhones. Location Spoofer can be found in the Utilities section of the jailbreak app store.

Cydia jailbreak app Location Spoofer

Downloading the app requires a quick payment via Amazon payments or PayPal to the developer after logging into your Cydia account. Once installed, you can choose exactly which apps you would like to spoof into thinking you're located in a different state or country.

Just tap the LocSpoof icon on your home screen and you will be presented with a list of installed applications that use location services. Touch the Spoof All button in the upper right hand corner or select the app(s) you wish to spoof. The best part about it is that your actual, real location data is preserved and delivered to the apps that are not checked off on the list, and system files are not modified. You can also select apps to "Never Spoof" from the bottom menu.

After selecting the apps to spoof, move to the Preferences menu on the bottom. Choose Fake Location Settings and you will be presented with a map. Moving the red target to the location where you want to pretend your iPhone is located and this spot is automatically saved. Tap the target to bring up a label that says "Spoofing Cord" and tap the blue arrow for more information. Here you can set accuracy and even spoof your altitude above sea level.

This app can be extremely useful for avoiding blackouts on live broadcasts or other content restrictions based on location. Location Spoofer can also be worth the $1.99 for playing tricks on your social networking friends or protecting privacy when using specific applications.