Steve Jobs Biography Available For Download

The Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson is officially available for download from Amazon's Kindle store starting today. If you prefer to do your reading on paper, the 656-page book is also available in hardcover.

Steve Jobs Biography

The authorized biography of Steve Jobs is based on hundreds of interviews conducted with family, friends, colleagues, adversaries and the Apple CEO himself. Although Jobs cooperated with Isaacson on the book, he did not exert any control over its direction, and did not request to read it before publication.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson has already topped both Amazon's and Barnes & Nobles' bestseller lists. The book was moved from November 21 to October 24 after Jobs died from pancreatic cancer on October 5. Jobs participated in over 40 interviews with Isaacson before he passed away.

The eBook retails for $16.99 and the hardcover is $17.88 via Amazon.