Is the iPhone 4S Suffering From SIM Card Failure?

Users complaints about iPhone 4S SIM card error messages that read "Invalid SIM" and "SIM Failure" have been piling up on the Apple Support forums since the device went on sale in October. The glitch prevents users from using their phones when the SIM card is in the slot.

Invalid SIM

According to ZDNet this is not a new problem. The Sim card error message is from a design flaw that has affected the iPhone 4 in the past. Sometimes the SIM card causes a short circuit when it makes contact with the tray eject mechanism. The short circuit causes the error making the SIM card unable to connect with the wireless provider. This prevents users from performing the most basic functions like texting or placing phone calls.

One solution is using tape to fix the SIM card tray. I'm sure some owners are glad to know there is a possible answer to their porblem, but does Apple really want its customers having to use adhesive to jerry-rig the "most amazing iPhone yet?"