How can I block a phone number on the iPhone (calls / texts)?

How can I block a phone number on the iPhone (calls / texts)?

Need to block a specific phone number from calling or texting your iPhone? It could be telemarketers, spam text messages, or that crank that won't stop calling and messaging. Apple's iOS does not have a built-in feature to block a phone number, but there are other solutions.

UPDATE: Apple has added a block list to iOS. For instructions on how to block calls, messages and FaceTime with iOS 7 or later click here.

1. Your carrier might be able to block individual numbers. AT&T has an optional feature called Smart Limits for Wireless that runs $4.99 per month. One of the many functions is the capability to block up to 30 numbers from calling or texting your iPhone.

Verizon Wireless offers Spam Control for no additional charge. This feature can be found under My Services when logged into your account, and blocks up to 5 numbers from calling or texting.

2. Owners of jailbroken iPhones can install apps from the Cydia Store that will block phone numbers. iBlacklist is fully compatible with all iOS devices, iOS 6 and older firmware. For a one-time cost of $12, iBlacklist adds a plethora of useful features to your iPhone including the ability to block calls and texts from individual numbers.

An update to MobileLog is currently in development and will be offered for sale to jailbroken iPhone owners. The app will provide many enhancements to the stock calling app as well as number blocking.

3. Make sure you've registered your iPhone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. This will not stop texts, but it will require most telemarketers to stop calling your line within 31 days. Complaints can also be filed using the same website, and phone number registrations with the service never expire.

4. Assign a silent ringtone to the numbers you don't want to answer. This stops calls from bothering you, but texts will still sound an alert. The iPhone doesn't come with a silent ringtone by default, but you can install and configure a silent ringtone with these instructions.

5. Another calling only solution are services such as TrapCall, which has plans starting at $3.95 per month. No iPhone app installation is required, and once you're signed up TrapCall will unmask blocked caller IDs and blacklist unwanted callers. More expensive plans can be purchased that offer more in-depth functions.


I have a malicious ex-husband that blocked texting between me and my kid's dad. How can I undo the block?

Tap in the (i) by the number, and you'll be directed to Info. Scroll down to the bottom of that page, where you will have an option to "Block Caller" - or "Unblock caller" if it's blocked already.

I am not looking to block a number. My number comes up as blocked when it is in coming to those that I've called. How do I get my number to appear in their caller ID? I have taken the restrictions off of my phone however it still comes up as "no caller ID"

I have a 4 I phone here blocked a number if he calls me will the call go threw still or ring thanks

I am constantly getting international calls .... 3 before noon today! Each time I block THAT number but wondered if you can block ALL incoming international calls. TIA