iPhone Tip: Using Pogue's Trick for Quick Capitalization

A bit ago, we reported on a trick that came out of David Pogue's iPhone "missing manual" that clued us all in on a much quicker way to add single strokes of punctuation while typing on the iPhone keyboard.

During some experimentation, we learned this trick can also be used to help speed up capitalizing letters when typing. In our opinion, this is an equally - if not more - useful exercise of David's tip. Traditionally, every time one wants to capitalize a letter, two keystrokes are required: one to enable/highlight the shift key on the keyboard (the up arrow icon), and a second to select the letter. Using the shortcut, this can be accomplished in one stroke.
Here's how to do it, in case you haven't already read the original tip:

Using one finger, touch the shift (up arrow) key on the keyboard and do not release. Slide your finger to the letter you'd like to capitalize, and release. There you go. In one stroke, instead of two, you've capped a letter.