AT&T Responds to Data Throttling Complaints

9to5Mac republished a video about data throttling which caused AT&T to respond to irate customer complaints. The video created by AppAdvice shows how data throttling can reduce your downlink speed to as low as 0.1MBps. While data throttling doesn't affect everyone, it can be very annoying to the people who have experienced it. It can cause long connection times, slow data transfer speeds and so on.

AT&T Throttling

After the comments section on both 9to5Mac and YouTube started filling up with complaints, AT&T responded by saying, "throttling only applies to top users with grandfathered unlimited plans."

You can read AT&T's full response and watch the data throttling test below.

"For AT&T, throttling only applies to top users with grandfathered unlimited plans. As we said last summer, smartphone customers with unlimited data plans may experience reduced speeds once their usage puts them in the top five percent of our heaviest data users. We will continue to send reminders and communicate with these customers ahead of time as their usage approaches the top five percent."
[via 9to5Mac]


Hey, nice picture, iphonefaq.

You show 2 phones that are displaying nearly identical download speed test numbers.

That's an example of "throttling"?????