VooMote iPhone Remote Now Available at Apple Stores

If you're tired of hunting for lost remote controls, or just have too many cluttering up the house, the VooMote Zapper may be what you're looking for. The iPhone accessory and app turns your iOS device into a universal remote eliminating the need for batteries and multiple remote controls.

iPhone Accessories

Universal iPhone remotes are not a new idea, but the makers of VooMote promise you will love their easy setup wizard and “Teach-In” feature. The VooMote app allows you create room "bundles" so you can easily separate the Blu-ray player in your living room, from the one in your bedroom. You can even substitute buttons for normal IOS swiping gestures.

The VooMote Zapper comes in red, pink, blue, green, white, and black, and is currently available at Apple Stores nationwide. If you prefer to do your shopping from home, you can also order the VooMote from Amazon.

UPDATE: The VooMote is also compatible with the iPad and iPod, and only seems to be available in black or white through Apple's online store.