Custom Ringtones Now Available on the iPhone

Custom ringtones for the iPhone are here! Well, sort of. They're here if you a) don't mind a laborious 23 step process in order to get custom ringtones on your phone and b) don't mind taking actions to unlock and access your iPhone's filesystem - actions which could potentially void your warranty with Apple, and c) are an Intel mac user. So, those few nagging items aside, custom ringtones are here!

A few days ago, we wrote about the status of the efforts to unlock the iPhone. Most recently, hackers attempting to unlock the iPhone had obtained read and write access to the iPhone's file system. Mostly, this was a stepping stone to further exploits of the iPhone. However, one immediately available benefit, according those on the project, was custom ringtones. Though, at the time, those involved described custom ringtones as "trivial as this point", it's become more than apparent that trivial is in the eye of the beholder. Via a 23 step process, published recently by, one can gain access to the iPhone filesystem, make the required changes, and get custom ringtones on the iPhone. 23 steps, you say? Yes. 23 steps.

Still, it seems custom ringtones can be had. For more technically inclined users, especially those with "hacking" experience, the steps involved may not seem daunting. Early followers of the tutorial provided by hacktheiphone are reporting success.

If you're brave enough to give it a shot. Head here for the gory details.